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TNT Everest base camp

Hey Guys

Anybody excited about our trip on 26th Jan.

I certainly am. I am also staying on in the Delhi area afterwards for a week if anyone is interested.




Hello Tanz

I am booked and looking forward to it massively. Start my training tomorrow. Star jumps and squat thrusts at dawn.

By the way Delhi sounds awesome.

Cheers i feel i know you already



Hey Sedz

It's gonna be epic.

I',m on a one month on one month off intense training program, to which i'm starting the one month off part first. Apparently it works!

Speak soon



I'm going to blog to myself until we get to go on the 25th Jan.

HeyTanz you excited. Yep sure am, i've started to do a bit of jogging now to get fit and plenty of stepper work at gym, but to be honest it's a bit boring without the views that we'll see!

You bet, even with ear phones on listening to music doesn't cut it.

I'll plod away and get me legs in shape hopefully. Better than not doing it. Yeh true!

Ok i'm off for a walk, speak soon.

Cheers Tanz



Well i did 15 minutes on the stepper last , do you think that will be enough for our trek?

I think you should do a bit more mate.

Ok, i'll do so more tomorrow, cheers for the advice.


dont know whether you  have been there before but expect the unexpected. delays common because of weather closing in at lukla.most people feel rough or get sick at some point,weather totally unpredictable(except for night cold).foggy wet, sunshine. only thing to worry about beforehand  is decent pair of boots,prefer goretex leather or similar. surprising number of waterproof{!!) fabric boots leak after adays walk in snow. no fun drying socks each night in front of yak dung stove. all other clothing available cheap in kathmandu and namche bazaar. its amutually supportive enterprise  hope no one wants to be competitive. some days feel like a taste of purgatory and most people need a bit of support and sympathy..this is my 4th and i cant wait to go back its the most amazing experience imaginable.mind blowing and life changing.first view of everest and ama dablam are unforgettable. you have to earn the experience though .


Hey Team

I got my kit bag today, it's a good size.

I managed to fit my wife in it, good fit but she was just over 20kg.

Ah well.



Hi All, really looking forward to the trip but have been struck down with the flu for 2 weeks so really feeling it even before I set foot up a hill. Anyone got any tips of what to bring and not bring? I will have plenty of flu remedies with me anyway.

I got the kit bag but is this for all our luggage? I cant get my luggage down to 12kg so any hints would be useful.



Denis I take a large suitcase to travel to kathmandu and pack the exodus kitbag in can leave the suitcase in the hotel quite safely w stuff you dont actually need on trek. you can get anything you need-or forget-including prescriptiondrugs in kathmandu.kathmandu lukla and namche bazaar are teeming w stalls selling trekking gear cheap. im on [email protected] if youve any specific questions. on my second trip party arrived in lukla and half the exodus bags didnt.,the unfortunate were able to kit themselves outt completely in namche.! look forward to seeing you on the plane. BJM


Bryn many thanks for that and great to know. I was trying to get my hairdryer and sun lounger in the kit bag :-). I am going to hire a sleeping bag and jacket this weekend as I am told that it is really cold, but I will take your advice and get all the other stuff in Kathmandu. Second trip wow you must be keen or it must be reaallly good. Look forward to meeting you as well and the fellow travellers. Are you doing this for charity or just getting away from it all?


Hiya, getting sooo excited now about this trip, not sleeping!! I was going to take a 20l day bag but have been told it is a little small, I don't plan to carry hair dryers in it etc but any suggestions? Also Denis- what would be the one piece of kit you wished you had taken with you on either of your trips - we will be sure to forget to pack?! Just doing this trip for fun with my best mate.


Hi Mumla

I just been having a coffee with my mate Sedz , we are both coming on the trip, and we are like 2 grown up little kids getting all giddy about the trip and can't wait to meet everyone, which is part of the excitment too. I'm sure we'll all forget something, part of the fun, we are taking hair dryers so you can borrow ours no probs. Not too big not too small i'd say if that helps and pack something for the drinking games!




Hi Mumla, a 20l bag might be a bit small but as Bryn has kindly pointed out you can get stuff in Katmandu. Make sure you take a torch(s) and also a hip flask might be a good idea, just for medical reasons of course :-) I am trying to get a bit of last minute trainning in this weekend and really looking forward to meeting you all...bring it on!


Thanks guys for the feed back - might of guessed that hip flasks are a must - not sure how long the booze will last if drinking games are from the off!! Hey- this time next week we'll be on our way!!!! I have heard from some ridiculous source that when you reach base camp there is the compulsory photo in bikinis and swim trunks-- be SURE to pack!!! My friend Laura & I (Diane- by the way) will lend any should they be required!!!!


Hey Mumla

Straight swap then, hairdryer for a bikini, sorted.

I'll be having my first beer in Heathrow about 5 o/c waiting for the plane to thaw out, so might bump into everyone there, i'll be the one dressed like i'm about to climb a mountain, if not Delhi it is.

Happy times


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