TNT - Everest Base Camp - 19 Oct 2012


Love to hear from anyone else who is going on this trip.  So looking forward to it.

 Adam & Clare


Hello Adam and Clare,

I will be joining you too! I have been training the last week or so -lots of walking and cycling to and from work etc How about you guys ?  

Vaccination jabs from the GP are next on the To Do List - I'm not looking forward to those ! 

Look forward to hearing from you. (Judging by the lack of a reply to your post from 21st Jan it seems we might be going with a very quiet bunch of fellow travellers...!!

Warm regards,



Hello San

Nice to hear from you, from the lack of response we actually thought we just might be going by ourselves so it's nice to know that at least one other person will be joining us!  There seem to be lots of people replying to this trip taking place on other dates, but not ours.  We chose these dates because we think that we will arrive at the Tengboche Monestary while the annual 3 day Mani Rimdu Festival is taking place - something that we think will be quite amazing to watch.

We did plan on doing lots of fitness training, mainly mountains, but unfortunately it hasn't quite gone to plan.  We're both active people though (do lots of walking, cycling, going to the gym) and don't normally struggle on these sort of trips so hopefully we'll be ok as long as the altitude doesn't get to us but then there's nothing you can do to prepare for the unless you're sleeping in a oxygen tent!!

One thing that we have learning from talking to other people who have been on the trip recently is that the flight into Lukla is quite hit and miss and can often be delayed for days at a time.  Other people have been offered helicoptor flights which will still fly in conditions that the planes won't (fog/mist etc) but they have been in the region of £500 each.  Just wondering what it would be worth paying not to miss the trek if it came down to it; something to bear in mind perhaps.

See you in 68 days!

Adam & Clare


Hi Adam and Claire,
You are right , the trek might just be a team of THREE of US and some yaks

Thanks for letting me know about the festival - it sounds exciting.
I ve just come back from Snowdon ( my 9 and 11 year old boys said I held them back from a swift trek to the summit ..!)  it was great to get some training in but you seem to be spot on about the altitude sickness-we might the Monastery to say two lots of prayers : one for a timely flight to Lukla and the other to ward of the sickness!!

I feel that once we get into September the time to depart will just fly along.
I've just applied online for my Indian Visa ( I am stopping off in Delhi to catch up with a friend before the trek) - it was not a pleasant experience : one is required to provide so much personal info including inside leg measurement...!

Warm regards and see you soon



Hi San, and anyone else out there who's going,

are you getting excited? I am now counting the days and can't wait to get started.

Are you doing this trip for any special reason or just for a holiday? For us it is a holiday albeit a very special one as we've both wanted to see the Himalyas for a long time.

See you soon,


PS any training seems to have taken a bit of a back seat to the shopping for kit...



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