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TNT Everest Base Camp Departing 26 October 2012

Anyone else going on this trek?



My name is Alli and I am going on this trip to Base Camp as a solo traveller, I see that the trip is nearly booked up which is great news.

Only six weeks to go!!  I'm flying from Heathrow, anybody want to meet up at the airport for a few coffees, meet n greet?


jangbu dawa

hello and namaste

 i will be leading this  trek to base camp

i am happy to help you all if you need to know  more ...please be free ,



Hi Alli  I'm also going solo, flying from Heathrow. My name is Helen and I can meet up before at the airport for coffee. Post later. Hi Janbu Dawa.I look forward to meeting you. 


Hi Guys

Really looking forward to the trip and meeting you Helen and you Dawa when we arrive.  Just over 4 weeks to go. 

Great that we are in contact, we can definately meet up in Heathrow, just await our final joining instructions and flight times?

Woop Woop

Alli x


I too am travelling on this trip. first time on such a adventure, love to meet up with everyone before we fly, any good tips on what excatly to take and leave my spare rooms looks like a jumble sale



Hi Paul

Great to talk to you too:-)  The packing list is endless and I'm still buying bits and pieces for it!!!  Just had my last injection but not taking malarone for this trip even though it is in the zone! 

Received my free kit bag the other day and everything seemed real.  Hope the recent news hasn't put anybody off!  Such a sad tragic thing to happen.

Is everyone fairly local? I live in Watford and getting a lift to the airport with a friend?  Can;t wait to meet you all?



Hi Helen, Alli, Paul and Dawa,

We are also going on this trek. Looking forward to meeting you all. Will look out for the Exodus kit bags at the airport!

Karen and Raj

As a first timer at trekking, more importantly , taking shorts advisable for weather in kathmandu and the temps whilsy walking to EBC. Anybody got any tips on what to pack or what to leave out . Thanks



Hi Paul, have you received the packing list as that is pretty much accurate for what you need to take. Shorts will be fine, probably at the beginning of the trek. It will get cold at the top so lots of layers etc.

Don't forget your snacks too, I've just bought fudge bars, tracker bars and lots of sweets. You need energy boosts along the way!

I've now received the final instructions and my flight details are:

London Heathrow (terminal 4)
Jet Airways 9W121 @ 20.45

Is everyone else on this flight, can meet beforehand for coffee, meet & greet.

Alli x


We are also on the same flight. We are coming up from Cornwall via Southampton where we will be dropping our dogs so we will be in need of a coffee! Look forward to meeting you Alli at the meet and greet. Just finished getting everything together on our packing list. just got to try the chlorine water and see if we need to get some neutraliser too. Karen.


Hi Karen

You will definately be in need of a coffee after that journey but luckily we are a night flight so should help!  Are you talking about purifyering the water?  They boil the water every night (or should do) which makes the water supplied safe to drink.  The purifying tablets I found made the water taste even worse, but each to their own. 

I have just purchased walking poles which I do not get on with but since its quite a long trek (12 days) I think I may need all the help I can get to help the old knees!!!

I'll look out for the Exodus bags on the evening we fly and hopefully all get together before the flight for drinks etc.

Happy packing everyone, OMG! Only two weeks to gooooooooooooooo - Woop Woop. Alli x



We have bought chlorine tablets but we may need tablets to take the taste of the chlorine away.

Regarding the walking poles I use them too for the same reason. A word of warning - I am still suffering a stiff neck after using them very heavily whilst doing a training trek to the Lake District at the beginning of september. We climbed Scafell Pike and Great Gable and I relied on them quite heavily when the going wa tough. Not a good idea. They are great when used sparingly.


Hi I am travelling from the Isle of Man after Friday lunch on the 26th ,arriving London City then will catch tube to Heathrow. I'm no spring chicken so I'm bringing walking poles, chlorine tablets and hand sanitiser as well as all the rest. I'm following the facebook blog of a fellow Manx resident and he said they're all suffering from stomach complaints at the moment. It snowed for them near EBC so they had to turn back. Winter clothing definitely necessary then. I just wonder how he's able to facebook from the trail? There must be mobile signal all the way. Haven't trained a whole lot - eek.



Hi All. 

We (Ian & Becca) live in Hertforshire so are lucky enough not to have to leave home until after lunch. I too have heard about a few stomach probs so have packed the diocalm but the best bit of advice I have heard is that if you are prone to this kind of problem, it is a lesser risk to take the veggie option. Got all my stuff out and ready to pack and really excited to be going to the roof of the world ... cant wait and looking forward to meeting you all. Not sure how we will identify one another at Heathrow as I assume like us, everyone will be packing our Exodus kit bags within out main luggage. Maybe the luggage tags will give us away.


Hi Becca & Ian

I will be packing all my stuff into the free kit bag then will have a day sack for trekking and a stuff sac to leave at the hotel.  So you will defo be able to identify me.  No need for suitcases:-)

I've not heard anything about the sickness bugs but Imodium should do the trick! Just over a week to go.  Got to decide this weekend what I'm actually taking!!!!! lol

Shortly before I leave I'll put my mobile number on this forum so people can contact me and others once they get to Heathrow and maybe we'll find each other that way? Will that be ok?



Yeah coolio.  My number is: 0781 848 5497 - Alli




Hi All,

We are carrying our exodus bags but my number is 07788611382.


Really looking forward to the holiday. Tho as always disaster strikes and i have a trapped nerve in shoulder. Aghhh. Workouts delayed. Best of all of work before holiday. Getting packed. Im doing suit case and taking exodus bag with me. Does anyone no weather conditions at present . Can we pack and take energy gels with us. Paul


Hi everyone just been trying to pack, traveling light is not usually my forte but I'm trying hard!! Will be

taking just the exodus bag and stuff sack to leave in Kathmandu.  Be great to meet up with you all at the

airpor,t you can contact me and my better half, Ian on 07759544562.  Just 4 days to go sooooo excited eeeeeee!!!


It's -7 and clear! All looks fine so far. Re energy gels , yes do pack them as well. You will definitely need them. If you don't I am sure some one else will be glad!


I'm all packed, just a few bits to squeeze into the Exodus Bag and away we gooooo..

Oh dear, its gonna be a long week!!


0781 848 5497


Hi Helen

You on the same flight as the rest of us then?  @ 20.45pm Heathrow?

Last shift at work tonight, going home soon and then thats it for 20 whole days - yippeeeeeeee


In london tonight, so cant wait to get this trip of a lifetime underway. Mble no 07515 709147. Checked with exodus today just in case, weight allowance we can have a max of 30 kg on flight. Two many powerbars in suitcase . C u all tomorrow eve . Paul


 Yes I'm on the 20.45pm Jet airline from Hreathrow. See you all tomorrow.



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