TNV - Everest Trails March departure


We (two of us) are booked to go on the TNV Everest Trails - Sunday March 18th departure. Would be great to hear from anyone else doing this trip.

 Thanks, Dafydd & Helen Gibby 


hi there!!

 I'm booked on the TNV trip the same dates, looking forward to going!!

have you been in Nepal before? any idea about how wet/cold/rainy it might be that time of year? it's always difficult to know what to pack!!



Hi there!

Nope, we've never been to Nepal but very much looking forward to it!
I think it will be spring when we are there so hopefully nice blue sky days but maybe cold at night.
Like you say, difficult to know what to pack. I think packing for all eventualities is what we'll do (wet, cold etc) but believe you can pick up anything in Kathmandhu if we get there and its colder or wetter than anticipated.
Less than 10 weeks to go now!

Have you been on any similar trips to this before?

Dafydd & Helen


hello!! thanks for the feedback!! I haven't been to Nepal before, I've been to Mongolia in august, that's the closest!! I have been in simlar aventure trips but in South America, so I'm not sure how much they compare. Already counting down the days, even though I'm just back from a break, I feel like I need another one!! see you soon!! Belen


hello!! just came back from the doctor to get the required vaccinations, and she suggested that, due to the rural nature of the tour, immunisation against rabbies should be considered. However, she wasn't sure and told me to check with exodus. I have never had those shots before, as avoiding animals is usually the best protection, but she just made me doubt now. What have you been adviced? Cheers, Belen



We need to check up on our vaccinations as we've had a number of them over the last few years and not sure which have expired or not. Thanks for reminding us!

The Trip notes does not mention Rabies and the Lonely Planet for Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya mentions it briefly - but without too much concern for short-term trekkers. Like you say, prob best avoiding the dogs (and temple monkeys I think)!

Very excited - 8 weeks this weekend!

Regards, Dafydd & Helen 



Will be in Kathmandu 5 weeks tonight! Very excited. Anyone else out there who is going on the TNV Everest Trails trip? Dafydd & Helen 



I'm starting to think it's only the three of us booked in, as no one else replies..................

well, we'll have to wait and see, I'm sure we will have a great time nonetheless.

Can't wait!!


Hi Belen

The Exodus page for our trip says "2 spaces left" so I think there'll be more to join us. I think the group size is 16 so there's another 11 out there somewhere.

We'll definately have a great time on the trip! Very excited.


Dafydd & Helen 

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