TNX - Annapurna in Luxury


This will be our first trip with Exodus & our first visit to Nepal. Although we usually try to do one walking holiday a year I think that this might be a bit more taxing than our normal stroll in Italy!

It would be good to hear from anyone going on the 13th November 2012 departure.

Roger & Pauline Davis 


We are going on this trip, we have done several exodus holidays before. They have all been excellent, very well organised and enjoyable. The last one was walking in Cuba earlier this year. It is our first time in Nepal, looking forward to some stunning scenery.

Bernard and Heidi


Hallo Bernard & Heidi. Looking forward to meeting you - sounds like you are experienced trekkers. 

Have you decided what to do about anti malarials? I know that the trip notes say that they are essential ( I guess for Chitwan ) - but some of the travel health web sites seem to suggest otherwise.

Roger & Pauline 

We always play it safe so will be taking the pills, we have taken them before with no side effects.
Looking forward to meeting you in a couple of weeks.


Thanks fo the info. I suspect we will do likewise.

We're on the group flight from Heathrow - are you? You will know us as we will be the couple with "Exodus" on the bags!  

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