Tour du mont blanc July 13th anyone?

Anyone out there doing this excursion.Hope im up to the challenge.Done lots of wainwrights & a couple of munros but not all in a week.Looking forward but also a little apprehensive.

Hi - yep also on this tour - i havent done any of the wainrights / munros and so am very apprehensive!! However sometimes it is best not to know what to expect..........

Is anyone arriving into Geneva about 14.20 on the 13th - if so do you want to share the transport into Chamonix?

I'm flying in from Liverpool but don't arrive in Geneva until 16.15  .I was going to book a transfer to Chamonix with mountain drop offs..Looks like I'll miss the briefing at 18.00 so may need to get the info 2nd hand .Exodus said they have left a note for the guide about late arrival though.Look forward to meeting you and anyone else on this excursion

I'm sure you wont be the last to arrive and i'm sure people will still be in the lobby by the time you arrive  - am intrieged how you can get the backpack down to 8 kg given that the bag weighs 1.5 and i like my snack bars!!

Know what you mean.Just tried packing a 40 ltr rucksack & its bulging at the seems.Looks like I need a bigger bag.

Ah well i just bought a smaller backpack - 35l in order to make sure i dont overpack!

I am also about to invest in some poles - i hired some before & only used them on 1 day of the trip i was on but i think it might be worth having some now - do you have any recommendations or at least things i should be looking for when buying them?

I have never used walking poles so unfortunately I cannot advise you.I know Exodus recommend using them but I've always considered them as being something else to carry.Two more weeks now,roll on

well just checked in as am flying in to the UK from elsewhere early morning and then willgo on a frenzied shopping spree for anything i've forgotten - just looked at the weather forecast and it looks like we will get everything from 12 - 25 degrees, thunderstorms and cracking flags!

Cracking flags.??? Weather varies depending on which website you look at.Its looking good up to Wednesday at least.I think I've got just about everything exodus recommend that you take.Got a 3hr drive to Liverpool airport sat morning,just hope flight takes off on time.

so did you get back ok? Are the feet ok now? mine are suffering from a lack of mountains lol.

Yep,got back ok.A bit of a rush through Geneva airport though (thanks mountain drop offs).Feet slowly recovering.Back to work tomorrow boo hoo! Hope you are ok .Will try to upload some photos soon.

Hi Brian

My email address is [email protected] - send me an email & i'll send you some of the pictures from A du Midi. Yes Geneva was really busy although I arrived in time.

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