Tour of India - AII departing 4th November

I would be interested to hear from anyone else who is going on this trip, I think there were 6 people when I booked in January.

I am really looking forward to the adventure.

Would also be nice to have tips from anyone who has already been.

Hi! This will be my first trip to India. I am looking forwards to a great tour.

hello there, when i booked there were only 3 spaces left so im sure it will be a full bus. Been to India before and want to go back to see much more. see you all in Delhi all going well. 

india has everything and more, be ready to be amazed, the 1st time is a real culture shock, but once you see the big picture, wow, cant wait to see more. 


Hi All, this will be my first trip to India too, just getting round to sorting out the visa and health stuff.


I am semi-retired, enjoy solialising, travelling, walking and most things.


I am very very excited now about this trip and about to start the visa application process.  I think all my innoculations are up to date but will need to get malaria tablets of course.

Once the balance is paid it will seem that much closer and in no time at all we shall be at the airport.

i hope you all have a great adventure, im sorry i have had to cancel my trip but look forward to reading your reviews. 

My wife and I have never visited India and are looking forward to this trip. We are going to spend 2 weeks cycling in Sri Lanka following this our India adventure.

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