TPJ 30/8 Inca Trail & Amazon

Hi, booked this amazing trip and would like to say to fellow travellers!

Would also like to pick up any tips or advice more those more experienced trekkers beforehand :-)



Hi Heidi

 I've just booked this trip too.  I'm in the same boat as you and looking for some tips from some experienced trekkers.  However, worst case scenario we can muddle through together!



Sounds like we're going to have fun :-)

I'm been thinking/dreaming of doing this for years, and now have finally plucked up the courage to go.  I think I should be doing some exercises to prepare though, so have bought an exercise bike, but so far it mostly holds my jacket!

Hello Heidi and Andreana,

I've just booked on this trip. Looks amazing and I've heard so many great things about the Amazon Rainforest and the Inca Trail from friends who have already been that I can't wait to experience it all! Just need to sort out a sleeping bag and then I'm good to go!


And there was me worrying I'd be the only female going!  :-)

Hi Heidi,

I imagine the group will be fairly mixed, but with at least three girls so far, you never know, maybe the boys will be outnumbered! I don't know how many boys/girls are booked on the trip but when I booked there was one couple and either 4 or 5 individuals, age range 37-66.

How is the exercise bike?? I'm a member of a local walking group (via the Rambler's Association) and get out an about with them when I can so that's good prep too. Did a good 8 mile walk on Sunday.

Glad to here there are a few singles going  - didn't want to be the odd one so that's great.  I like a nice mix in a small group - it makes the holiday.  And  that age range is reassuring too - seems on the more discerning travellers do this kind of thing :-)

Execise bike has been used a little, but I do mean a little! I thought thetrip was still 6 months away until this week when it was pointed out - MUST USE BIKE MORE!!!

Hello ladies, my female friend and I have just booked on this trip.  We have also heard great things about the Inca Trail and Amazon Rainforest.  We are very much looking forward to the trip and to meeting our fellow travelling buddies.

Great, sounds like we're all going to have fun :-)


Have just paid the balance, so the countdown is on!


That's the horrible bit done - all paid and vaccines done! Now I'm getting excited and impatient for the adventure!

I'm still having my jabs - didn't expect quite so many.  Might go on holiday to Cornwall next year!!!

But I admit I am getting a little nervous now with excitement.  I really hope I can make it up the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu ok. 


Cornwall might not be quite as exciting though! My yellow fever jab isn't for a couple of weeks - I've decided that I'm going to have to go on lots more exotic holidays over the next few years to get my money's worth out of the more obscure jabs I've had over the last 2 years!


I was recently in touch with Exodus with a few queries and was told that we won't be able to check in online as we are all on a group ticket so individual online check-in isn't possible. I also asked about fellow travellers and there are 11 of us in total – 6 women and 5 men, 4 in their 30s, 3 in 40s, 3 in 50s and 1 in their 60s, so a nice mix.

That's a nice size group.  I had a trip with 9 once and that was great too, as we all got to know each other a bit.  I like the mix of ages too, that suggests a reasonable pace on the climb, not a route march :-)


Don't worry about the trail. From what I have heard from various people who have done it, it has to be done at a slow and steady pace due to the altitude. I've also heard that the guides set the pace and make sure that everyone is doing ok. You'll be fine! :-)


Trying to decide if I should take poles for the hike. What has everyone else decided?

I've got one, and am taking it as my knee is older than the rest of me! I generally only use it on the downhill though, and i think the last bit is quite steep down from Dead Woman's Pass (not liking that name...) to the Sun Gate.


I'm going to take a pole (or maybe two). There are apparently a lot of steps in one section, so that's going to be a bit hard on the knees.


Thanks girls, decision made.


Hi all, is anyone taking a small spare bag for when we visit the rainforest/trek trail?  I am not sure if it is guaranteed Exodus will provide one.  Sounds like a good mix going.  Not long to go now.  Looking forward to meeting you all soon.


Do you mean for your clothes etc? Did you not receive a large (black/green) exodus kit bag in the post about 3 weeks ago? According to the trip notes that bag is intended for use for the trail and presumably also the Rainforest and Lake Titicaca homestay - lots of decanting of luggage apparently! If you didn't, then I imagine you can get Exodus to give you one locally.


Hi, i asked about the bags, as it seemed i needed more than one.  They said have the Exodus kit bag and another bag to leave spare luggage in at the hotel whilst on the trail.  I think that for the rainforest we're supposed to just take a small bag to the lodges anyway and leave the big one behind, so it will be the one i use for this.  I tried a rucksack, but it had a metal frame and was too heavy to take with the kitbag as well.  So i'm taking an additional, but larger than normal, day bag to put my spare clothes etc in.  It's a soft one (like a school bag), which i've squashed at the bottom of my kitbag, and will be handy padding when the luggage handlers get hold of it! Then i've still got my small day bag for me to carry my stuff on the trek.  If you haven't got the Exodus kitbag, then a soft large holdall or similar would be good, plus another bag for your spares.  Hope that helps, see you soon!!! :-)


I'm taking a regular wheely suitcase with kit bag packed inside. The suitcase will get left behind in hotels, and anything I need for the rainforest, trek and homestaynights will go in the exodus kitbag. I also have a small rucksack for carrying personal stuff. I re-read the notes and they say that we'll be given a small bag for the rainforest when we are in Peru. Not sure why we apparently can't use the exodus bag we've been sent for these nights? All will be revealed! See you soon...


Thanks for your advice.  I have received the Exodus bag which I assumed was for our main luggage as I thought it was too big for the rainforest/trek as I believe we can only take about 7 or 8 kg.  I thought we would be given a smaller bag for rainforest/trek.  I will take a smaller bag as well, just in case. 

I'm getting a little nervous and excited now.  And I've decided to repack some bits too, just to add to the stress levels this evening!!!


I'm v excited.  Not quite sure I've got all the right kit.  Part of me thinks I've got too much, part of me thinks I've got too little but hey ho, too late now! Tracy. 

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