TPT334 - The Inca Trail

Hi everyone. First time solo traveler here. I am both excited and nervous at the same. Anyone else doing this trek on 22 aug 2013? Any advice and/or tips for a solo traveler or the classic Inca trail?


Hi, Also on this trip to Peru and also doing the extention to the Amazon at the end.

Looking forward to it, although not sure what to expect, at least we still a few weekends to get things sorted.


Also on this trip, first time solo traveler and I feel exactly the same - excited but dont know quite what to expect so little bit nervous (but more excited).  :-)



With only 6 weeks to go hopefully a few more will find their way onto the forum.

Starting to read my guide books now, so I can work out what to take on the trail, Cold, hot, wet dry and everything inbetween. 

Are you traveling on the group flight via madrid?


6 weeks is coming up pretty quick. I still need to gather everything I'll need.

I'll be flying in from Los Angeles Internal Airport (LAX). According to my itinerary, I should be arriving in Velazco Astete Airport in the afternoon on 22 August.

Where is everybody flying in from? Any plans before the rest group meet for the night? I'm thinking sight seeing around Plaza de Armas until I can acclimize in the altitude.


Its coming round quick, purchased some essentials for the trip already - but think its a case of be prepared for anything.. Flying from UK via Madrid, going to be a bit of a trek to get to Cuzco before we start the Trail.  If anyone is thinking of meeting up before we travel I would be up for that.



Certainly is a bit of a trek to Cuzco, it is the only bit I am not looking forward to. Also doing the Heathrow - madrid - lima - Cuzco route, seems a long way just writing it down.

More than happy to meetup, hopefully a few more will join this forum and post.

Got a few new bits, a few bargins as there are lots of sales going on.


hi all,

another first timer here! flying solo as well, which i'm a bit nervous about too - but should be exciting! 

also doing the heathrow-madrid-lima-cuzco route, probably the bit i'm looking forward to least! has everyone got all the essentials for the trip yet? :-)


Nearly into the last week before we go, It seems to have come round very quickly.

Think I have got all the esstentials, few last minute things to get over the weekend.Trying to prepared for anything on the trek is a challange. Will start checking the BBC for weather, although not sure they will any more accurate than they are here. 





Nine more days for us (maybe just me) on this side of the pond. I think I have most on my essentials except for walking sticks. Every thing I'll need will be in my carry on luggage. I don't think LAN airlines allow walking sticks to be carried on. I just might have to buy some in Cusco.

I've been checking out the weather too. It's should be nice during the day (low 70F) and chilly at night (high 30F)

I wish you guys a safe flight and I will see you all in Cusco.


Can't believe its next week - think I have everything, hope I do anyway as I have surprisingly a lot to pack. Might hire some walking sticks as heard its hard on the knees!! Very excited now, just need to make sure I Hv lots of reading material for the journey there. Safe flight everyone and maybe see a couple of u at the airport.


just got to throw the last few bits into the case and then should be ready, Hopefully got everything I will need.

Shame there is no private message system, If anyone fancies trying to meetup in heathrow after going through security, I will be at Starbucks around 17.30. If it gets through the hand luggae size, I will have my grey and red rucksack and I will attach the exodus lugage label to it.


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