Trails of Borneo

Hi, has anyone been on the Trails of Borneo trip recently? I've been keen to do this trip for a while, however the trek to the pinnacles doesn't seem to be included in the itinerary anymore (although recent reviews do refer to the the pinnacles!!). Grateful to hear from anyone who has done this trip in the past and how would you rate the hike to the pinnacles?

"Trains of Borneo" looks like an updated version of "Borneo Explorer" which I did with Exodus in March 2005.  Of the trips I've done with them (I'm up to 19) this was one of my favourites because it included such a variety of activities including my main two interests of walking and wildlife spotting.   According to my notes, the pinnacles trail was 2.4 km/4 hours each direction and 1017 m to the top.  It's quite tough going, steeply up hill all the way, clambering over rocks and muddy tree roots in hot temperatures.  There were some fixed ropes to hold onto and at the last section a metal ladder bolted to the rock face.  More of a challenge than an enjoyable stroll.   A sign at the bottom of the ladder tells you that you should have arrived there by 11:00 am in order to get to the top and return to camp before dark, and that if you continue you are putting yourself and your guide in unnecessary danger.   I got to this point by 11:17 and so did not proceed any further.  If someone had told us this at the start of the walk, maybe I could have gone a little bit faster...   My other tip would be to make sure you are well hydrated before starting the walk.  I think I started off in a dehydrated state from the walk into camp the previous day.  They told us they would provide us with boiled water and took our water bottles off us, but we didn't get them back until just before setting off for the pinnacles.  I should have drunk a couple of litres that night - either putting some iodine in water from the river or buying more soft drinks at dinner.

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