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Trails of Thialand

Hello to all going on this trip.  Hope  you're looking forward to it as much as I am!   I will be a female solo traveller so would like to get aquainted with some people before I go to help ease the nerves a bit!!


Hi i have you booked to go on this trip this morning ,like you i am a solo traveller ,as for nerves i am sure thats normal ,once we  have all landed then the fun can start .


Hi all, im booked on this trip too and a solo traveller too! Am looking forward to it but nervous aswell. This your first trip with exodus?!?


Hi  Ant ,this trip will be my second trip with exodus and if its anything like the first one it will be non stop ,very well sorted out and a bloody good laugh aswell ,the only down side for me is that i will be not on the group flight out ,i think i get in about 15mins before and meet everyone on the bus lol.

cheers Leigh



Hi Ant and Leigh.  Great to hear from you both. By the way my name is Joyce and I won't be travelling with the party either as I couldn't get that flight and will have to stay in Bangkok for two nights beforehand and hopefully be meeting everyone at the Royal Benja Hotel.  Can't wait!!




Hi Joyce do you know if that hotel you said about is one that everyone will be based at when we land ?

cheers leigh


Hi Leigh

I am meeting you all at the Royal Benja Hotel on Sunday afternoon.  I will probably be there a few hours before you all arrive, hopefully with a nice cold beer!!



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