Anybody else going on this trip?, not long now, really looking forward to it





Hi James,We are on this trip as well and really looking forward it, had it booked for quite a while and now on final countdown. Four of us making our way out there. Read some of the reviews and sounds a really varied trip with plenty of activities, at least we shouldn't be bored. You on the group flights or making your own way out? Chris


Hi There

My friend Colleene and I are going on this trip and are really excited. Colleene is from Canada and I live in Berkshire. We leave on the 15 October and will be in the hotel for a couple of nights before the trip starts.  We haven't done anything like this before so any hints and tips that you might have would be great.

 It is lovely seeing messages from you and we look forward to meeting you and having a great trip together.

 Not long to go now!!!!




Hi Debbie,Looking forward to meeting both out there. Sounds like a good plan to have a couple of days out there first, looks like there is a trek on day two so expect to see you leading as you will be nice and rested and over the jetlag :-) Really looking forward to the trip, think the thing I am looking forward too most is the sea kayaking in Halong Bay, it's a fantastic way to see things and should be amazing in such a setting. You looking forward to anything in particular?There are four of us heading out on the group flights, myself, my wife Helen and friends of ours Dave and Caroline. This will be our second trip with Exodus, so can assure you they are good fun as we are coming back for more. Our last trip was to Turkey, so not sure I can give any hints and tips for a very different trip to Vietnam. Reading anything about Vietnam say it rains lots so be prepared to get wet, no doubt on the day we do lots of cycling. Thinking about it, sounds strange but take a disposable waterproof camera, handy on the kayaking days (and when raining) and doesn't matter, if like I tend to do, you end up dropping it in the water!Anyway, four weeks to go and counting, see you there.Chris


BTW, apoligies for the bulk text, whenever I post it seems to lose all spacing :( Chris


Hi Chris - we look forward to meeting all of you on the Sunday.  Thats a great tip for the underwater camera thank you. Colleene has one of these and I will buy a cheap camera  for bad weather days (hopefully not too many although the rain will probably be refreshing).  Hah very funny about us leading the trek, to the silk shops maybe!!!  I have been running to get fit and out on my bike but haven't been in a kayak yet so I had better book a lesson otherwise I might spend more time in the bay than in the kayak!!  Lots of people telling me how lovely Vietnam is so I can't wait to see it.  We booked back in Feb and now it is nearly here.  I think I am most looking forward to seeing the colours and scenery and feeling the culture of the country as well as everything else we will be doing, remind me of this after the 40k bike ride!!

See you soon,




It's good to see posts from other people going on this trip. My partner Dave and I are on the group flight from Heathrow on 17 October. We're waiting for visas now so fingers crossed. I've been to Saigon before as part of the Thai Indo China trip which was wonderful so I'm really looking forward to seeing more of Vietnam. I am a bit daunted though by the level of activity and the possibility of everyone else being a lot fitter than me. Might need to get on that bike....

Advice from previous trips - sandals you can wear in water and a head torch. A small bottle of duty free for the overnight train trip always seems to go down well too.

Can hardly wait now.






Hi everyone, nice to hear from you all as Im coming on the trip too! Im coming on my own and its my first exodus trip so not sure what to expect but I have only heard good things about vietnam so very excited. It seems like its coming round really fast now as I booked it ages ago! I am on the group flight too so will see some of you there otherwise will see you all in vietnam!



Hi Everyone

Oh getting very excited now as it is 3 weeks today that we leave for Vietnam.  It is also my first trip with Exodus and can't wait.  I called Exodus and I did not need any experience in kayaking beforehand so I have not gone for any lessons.  Keep meaning to get out more on my bike but I haven't managed this yet.  I do plan to go on a long bike ride this Sunday!!

Its lovely to hear from everyone and looking forward to meeting you.



Hello!  Jacques and Michelle are joining the tour with you guys!  We are on a final countdown and can't wait!  We have an extra day before the tour starts to hopefully get adjusted.  Neither one of us have been to Asia and we are both super excited!  Thanks for all of the tips on what to pack, and the reviews of the trip look amazing! 



Hi All,

The excitement is building :-), just wondering if anybody else is takeing a cycle helmet with them?, it's going to take up quite a bit of room in my rucksack!!. 



Hi James

Colleene and I are taking cycle helmets, I was just going to strap mine to the outside of my rucksack and take it on the plane.  Can't wait for the tickets now and then it will be really exciting.



Hi James & Debbie

I hadn't thought about taking a bike helmet. Admittedly they've never been provided anywhere I've hired bikes abroad apart from in the States but I've just risked it.

Has anyone heard if the areas we're going to have been affected by the recent floods? I've been searching for information on the internet. The FCO site doesn't say much but some water purification tablets might be a good idea as a lot of the water seems to have been contaminated - still guess we can always get bottled. Still really, really looking forward to it although it seems to have rained constantly there recently.



Hi Bela,We are not taking cycle helmets either, last time we went away with Exodus they had been provided, although they weren't the best...The recent typhoon hit the central coast and highlands. The middle part of the trip is to Hue and Da Nang, both of which have been affected, although by the time we get there it would have been over 3 weeks since the typhoon hit. I read somewhere that it is mainly the villages in the highlands that have been worst hit as they have been cut off by mudslides, stopping any help getting to them. Major roads were meant to be open after a few days, so it shouldn't affect us too much, that said it is typhoon season so you just never know what is going to happen next. As for water, we have some purification tablets but not sure if we will use them, like you say bottled water is usually easy to get hold of in towns, although given the situation it might be worth getting some extra water before we travel down the coast.Anyway, see you all next week, waterproofs are packed!Chris

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