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I am considering using a travel cash card for the first time (preloading US dollars) and wondering if this is a suitable option for Peru? Is it best to get Peruvian currency before arriving in Peru or is it tricky to obtain in UK (I notice the trip notes suggest changing small amounts when in the arrivals at Lima).

Thank you


Hi Susan,

If you're worried about taking large amounts of US Dollars in cash to Peru, then a travel cash card is a good idea as you won't get charged for each transaction, although it's definitely worth checking how the Sterling to Dollar exchange rate compares to the rate your bank will charge if you just take a debit card and withdraw Peruvian Soles locally.

Most UK debit cards work fine in Peru (although I'd always recommend checking this with your bank!), and the withdrawal fee is usually around £2-3 per transaction. I always find the exchange rate is very competitive and it removes the need to take a lot of cash. 

I would take some US Dollars cash though, and exchange this either in Lima airport or near your hotel in town so you have some spending money right from the start. It is possible to get Soles in the UK, but the rates are likely to be very poor - it's much better if you can change locally.

Hope this helps, and I hope you have a great trip to Peru.


Tim (Peru trip manager)


Hi Tim

Many thanks for your advice - your tip about checking the exhange rate compared with the Bank charges is a good point so I will definately clarify that with my bank.

Best wishes


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