Traveling light, with a camera?

Any thoughts on how it is possible to travel light with a camera and keep it waterproof? I am thinking of bringing my slr and am a little nervous of the climate, water and cameras do not mix.

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Keep some silica gel packs  where you keep your camera.  Have a couple of good lens cloths & if possible a lightweight weatherproof case.  The other other alternative is to buy either a pro slr Canon 5d or similar with a pro lens as these have good weatherproof seals.  Believe me  I know.  Over a period of 7 years lost 5 cameras to weather in different countries. Moisture usually is your biggest problem.  If you are going in to river conditions consider a waterproof casing.  They nice & light these days. Check ebay.  The other choice is to bring a weatherproof camera from Olympus



Thanks for this post. Silica gel has many uses. It can be used for keeping food fresh. There is silica gel that is filled with silicon dioxide globules that work as a desiccant, avoiding moisture destruction. I think this is the one used for camera and the one you see inside the box when you bought new shoes. Safety precautions are needed at all times in using silica gel especially when you have kids around. Learn more at:


Before you know it, vacation time will be here. You'll want to capture lots of photos to document your experiences. It’s usually a good idea to have a bag in which to carry your camera and associated gear. But you won't want to pack too much, lest your shoulders and back start to hurt from carrying around lots of gear for long periods. How is the weather there? If it's rainy, you'll need a weather-sealed camera or a rain cover. If it is cold or super warm, you'll need an extra battery or two, because the extreme temperatures will chew through battery life. Feel free to visit for your next travel.

-Celine Jones

I travel to photograph. I take the equipment I need to get the photographs I want at the quality that is important to me. I don't think the photographs I get with P&S cameras are as good as those I get with a good dslr system or (previously) with MF film, so I don't rely on P&S though my wife - whose objectives are different- enjoys hers. Although I now bring less equipment than once I did, I don't believe in "travelling light" as a fundemental philosophy for me. I do believe in organising my trips so that I have access to more equipment than I may want to physically carry all day long- so convenient hotels that I can leave stuff in and return to easily; staying near transport links in cities, outside of major cities always having access to a car and so on. i posted my photos in my blog

Hello everyone. I am using a special waterproof backpack to carry everything around. I couldn't live without it. I've been traveling this way for 5 months now. You should be able to get these bags in any good shop that sells outdoor equipment. I've been focusing so much on travelling that I haven't even posted any photos of my journey through Europe, but they will be uploaded to my websites (personal photos) (more general photos from my visits at different companys) and (from visits at banks and money institutes because I do research about them). Regards from a jolly backpacker.

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