Travellers Cheques or money? Plus advice Highlights of CHINA


Me and my husband are due to fly out to China in less than 3 weeks.  We've been advised to take Travellers Cheques as our money.

However a friend of mine who has returned from China a fortnight ago has told me that I will find it really difficult to cash the travellers cheques.  Granted my friend didn't go on an Exodus tour.

I would appreciate any advice on this matter?

 And anything else on a trip to China?  Has anybody got any suggestions on what we may need but might forget??





If taking travellers' Cheques in UK£ or US$ they need to be issued by either Thomas Cook or American Express (you may have trouble changing other types of Travellers' Cheques). Cash - especially US dollars - is a lot easier to exchange than travellers' cheques, and can sometimes attract a better rate of exchange. We do in any case recommend that you bring a small amount of cash, preferably US$. Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) are quite widely accepted in the larger cities in China, but not much elsewhere.
There are ATMs almost everywhere in China and these are what I use when I travel, they are located either actually in or close by the hotels we use, in the major towns and cities. Most but not all ATMs will take British/ European style cards, but your leader will be able to advise you.


I too am off to China and my transfer is not with the Exodus organised transport. I understand the value of taking US dollars and travellers cheques... but regarding money and transfers from the airport to the hotel what do you recommend? US dollars, Chinese yuan or change a travellers cheque in the airport?




To pay for a taxi you will need Yuan not dollars or pounds. I would suggest using an ATM at the airport for  a bit of cash and then wait until getting to your hotel to get a better rate and to change more money.



Did you all travel with Air China and if so how was it??




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