Travelling companions?

Hi.  I have just signed up for this trip, just wondering who else is coming along.  I live in Sherborne, Dorset and need to get some road miles under my belt!!



Hi Colin,

 I have signed up for this ride as well, I'm from Canberra, Australia and I do a reasonable amount of mountain biking on weekends and commuting to work on an old mountain bike.  I have only paid the deposit and I am waiting as long as possible to asses the situation better in Thailand before paying for the rest of amount owing.  I really am not sure if I will go ahead with it though I sent exodus an email about a week ago and they said that the airport is still open in Bangkok and we leave the city straight away.  It would be good to head any thoughts from other people doing this trip.



Hi Colin...not sure if same trip, as I am theoretically departing on the 31st July, arriving August 1st...but assuming that it is same, both myself and my two children (20 and 17) are coming along too.  We're not experienced cyclists....have just recently dusted the bikes down and have done a couple of 20 mile rides (exhausting!!)  Anyway, this must be the same trip, so look forward to seeing you!





I've signed up for this too - I like cycling but am not an enthusiast or an expert!  I've done a couple of longish trips (each a week) a few years ago (both for charity) and am planning to take each day as it comes this time, it's a holiday after all!  Looking forward to meeting my fellow travellers in just over a couple of weeks and leaving a grey, wet Edinburgh behind


I like that attitude Lynne...taking each day as it comes! An excellent idea, I hope that everyone enjoys it and is not pressurised by any that feel it is some kind of cycling race! I'm looking forward to it, must be better than those spinning classes that are a killer!



....and it's good to be picking up messages from fellow travellers.  Great that your children are coming too Karin, not sure I'd have my 2 signed up!    When I did my previous rides I found seeing life from the saddle a great experience once I stopped trying to "keep up" and just made sure I saw all the sights, stopped to speak to people and took lots of pictures so that's what I'll be doing this time too!  Looking forward to my first visit to this part of the world - has anyone else been before?


I went (withthe kids, just can't get rid of them!) to China and Inner Mongolia last year, and my partner is from Hong Kong.  Many many years ago went to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia....but talking about 25 years ago! Always wanted to visit Vietnam and ex sister in law went last year and told me to try and go now, as the tourist industry (such as ourselves, what an irony!) is starting to get a hold over there. She said it is beautiful.


Wondering if anyone knows if cycle shorts and vests/t shirts are OK for day time wear for us women or whether there are any "cover - up" rules to be aware of?  Assuming visits to temples will need more respectful clothing and that of course is not a problem but know it's going to be hot so not keen on unecessary layers!  I'll email Exodus too!



Hi Everyone,

My name is Roslyn and I am from Dublin. I'm only getting round to checking in here now!! I have not been on a bike in years but used to use one regularly many years ago when I lived in Zimbabwe. However, I am a regular hill walker so hopefully my fitness level is sufficient.   I have done most of my preparations for this trip re fitness in the gym!!  Just a little anxious re cycling in traffic!! Having said that, I am looking forward to the trip and intend to take it at my own pace - using the back up vehicle if need be.  I'm sure we will have a lovely time. I have one  grown up daughter  but she is not accompanying me this time .

  I probably will not check in again at this stage. Happy packing!!

Looking forward to meeting you all soon,



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