trecking snow leopard

anyone had any reports of lithium rechargeable camera batteries being refused on inbound flights into delhi?  is it security at check in at heathrow that ive heard confiscate, or on arrival at delhi?

or has anyone just packed spare batteries in hold luggage and not taken in hand baggae? 


We are told that spare lithium batteries must be in hand luggage as far as airlines are concerned, but that travellers can't carry spare batteries in hand luggage to and from Delhi.  So - catch 22? Perhpas exodus could clarify? 


Hi, its Valerie here, your leader. Check with your international airline provider re where to put batteries for the flight London to Delhi (usually in hand luggage but call them and check).

On arrival in Delhi no-one checks your luggage - collect your luggage and walk out through the green channel - no-one will stop and check either hand or checked in baggage on arrival. Then we will go to the hotel. Next day we fly to Leh - on this flight ALL batteries need to go in checked in baggage but I will remind you in Delhi.



at last ive got some answers and responce from virgin atlantic (who were brill actually)!!!!

they contacted delhi and found out inaccurate info had been fed and lithium batteries ARE allowed to be taken in as HAND luggage....1 spare per 1 camera ..1 battery and 1 spare...

2 camera bodies...4 batteries TOTAL..which i think can get away with...but the spare batteries MUST have terminals covered and in a seperate plastic bag to each other...

hope this helps any other travellers who may have seen this on are altering their own website after checking this out for me! 


hi Dudz

Glad you got this info from Virgin, It's not what they put in writing to me or what I've been told elsewhere.  I'll check out their website for the changes.  We've been anxious about this.

In the meantime i have made some contingency arrangements, a battery grip for one of the cameras which will take AA batteries available anywhere and a solar charger that sould be able to charge the lithium batteries at least partially.  Valerie's advice was also welcome.

Now just have to get there and carry the cameras up the hillsides at altitude!!! 

Hi - I just wanted to say hello and how much I'm looking forward to this trip. It's a long time since I first read Peter Matthiessen's 'The Snow Leopard' - quite a life-changing encounter. If you haven't read it, I'd strongly recommend it - even though it's describing Dolpo in Nepal rather than Ladakh, the cultures sound pretty similar (although Valerie can undoubtedly tell us more). I struggled up and down the High Passes of Everest trek last year - stunning, but very demanding - and am looking forward to having a bit more time to enjoy this trek! And thanks for the info about batteries. I've got a Freeloader 'Classic' solar charger that worked pretty well last year. I'd better go and dig it out and see if it still works! Bright sun on fresh snow here on the edge of Sheffield this morning. Fingers crossed for good weather in Ladakh!


hi, ive got confirmation that batteries are ok to travel with and they had got "old information" posted on their website, they assured me this would be rectified, after confirming this with delhi airport.i tried to purchase the freeloader pro, but even their website my camera battery was compatible, had to send it back after trying to manipulate the "plates"... they then confirmed they hadnt tested this battery and it wasnt any use..hence purchasing extra batteries!  is anyone taking walking poles or are not necessary on this trek, as im going solely for photo of snow leopard.and may just "camp" out on advise from trackers. not looking forward to lugging 500 mm lens around though!!!!



Read the book mentioned by Steve years ago but am rereading it now - a classic!  We've been thinking of this as less of a trek than a static base camp from which we come and go.  We really don't mind about seeing a snow leopard, though it would be a great bonus to do so, just being up there in the winter will be enough.  We are finding that we need quite a lot of 'stuff' and cold weather gear - we usualy travel light but this trip I reckom we'll be at the weight limit.  It's not the flight to Delhi because Virgin let us have 69kg (!!!) it's having to keep under 20 kg because of the internal flight.  All cameras, etc will be in our hand luggage and they are heavy.  We are wondering about the best lenses to take. What others are taking?  I've got a 70-200 which is f2.8 throughout, and I've just bought a 50-500 which is f4.5 - 6.3.  So better telephoto but much less light, and heavier.  I'm thinking of not taking the 70-200 and hoping that the light will be very good.  What do you think? 

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