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Trekking in Madagascar - TZM

After Seeing the recent Madagascar TV series, as told by David Attenborough, I'm even more so excited in visiting Madagascar. Well done BBC! All I need now is to meet you lovely like minded people also going on this trip. Apparently the trip has a full compliment of 16 people.

Tip for Travel:

- 1x day pack, 1x soft medium to large bag for porter carriage on trek, 1x hard case for the Flights - can be left at Hotel in Tana or on the Bus. Hope it helps!  Does anybody have any other tips or reminders for the trip?

Looking forward to meeting you all - Maybe at Heathrow on Friday the 15th April.


Hi there - I too am excited about the trip, less than 4 weeks before we all head off.  The Attenborough series was a real eye opener!

Notes from earlier trips suggest sticking with the recommendation of getting the visa at the airport in Madagascar so that sounds like the best plan - unless you have heard anything different?

see you at Heathrow.

Hi Eva, I was thinking everyone had cancelled the trip! Many thanks for your reply.  I was also wondering about the Visa, but decided to put 100% trust in the trip notes.  After all they can only kick you out, or sell you to the pirates off the west coast. Joking aside, I did contact Exodus about the visa, and all is okay to acquire the wonderful little stamp at the destination. I must be excited, I’m already putting stuff in my suitcase! Also need to get a few more treks in.  Catchu later.   


I did a pre-run on packing my Suitcase over the weekend - Or was that a premature thing to do? Nevertheless, what I noticed was that the Sleeping bag took over a third of the space… Help! Apparently, it could get cold at night and we need a 3 season sleeping bag. I was informed that there was no chance of hiring one at the over end. So, bigger suitcase here we come! Potential Tip: Buy a cheap sleeping bag that will do the job (at 2000 meters there would be about 13 Deg C drop in temperature compared to sea level). When there is no more use for the sleeping bag, donate it to a local, thus offering up extra room in your return luggage for the souvenirs. Are there any other Ideas on the Sleeping bag?


Hi there

You are getting organised!  I have arranged for my malaria drugs but not much else so far. 

For sleeping bags, you could probably get away with a 2 season if you include one of the silk liners as they add an extra layer of warmth (impressively effective as they are thin!) If it is not already in one, then your bag can be packed into a compression sack which will take its size down too.

Have you looked into currency at all? that was my next thing - not sure if you can get it here, or wait until get over there.  Will check and see what is best.

Less than 3 weeks to go!


Hi Eva, and the rest of the Madagascan Trekkers

It's good to hear from you.  I’ve arranged to pick up my malaria drugs this week. Need to start taking the treatment 1 week before. What concerns me are those daytime mosquitoes spreading Dengue fever, whatever that may be. Apparently there’s no cure for it.

Many thanks for the tip on sleeping bags. You must be the posh one on the trip J, but it sounds like a good alternative. One can also purchase a fleece lining which raps up rather small, and is good for an extra 5 deg C of warmth. I could use it in conjunction with my Pajamas, the ones with the animals on from the film Madagascar. That should do the jobJ. I think I’ll end up taking an existing bag I have, and dumping it off before returning.

I’ve read up re- currency in a few places, and it looks like the best place, and fairest, is at Tana airport on arrival. Due to low-demand of the Airy (MGA) currency it would need to be ordered up front in another country. When making the exchange at Tana airport ask for large denomination bills, otherwise you’ll find it difficult to get it all into your money belt etc.

I hope the political situation doesn’t flair up re-the recent new transitional government. The government has been for the past  two years in limbo, and there now seems to be some opposition to the recent change.  Tip: You can set up Google to ALERT you as and when required to receive automatic updates on anything with the word MADAGASCAR in the text… I know – You know that one already.

Keep the tips coming!

Hi to all on the trek in Madagascar this coming Friday/ Saturday! I hope your trip to the destination is a smooth one, and looking forward to meeting you all there or mayby at heathrow?


I would love to hear from anyone how the whole holiday went - what was the camping like etc.?  I sadly had to cancel 24 hours before the trip.  Do tell me all about it.

Bye S.A.M. 


Hi Sara,

Sorry to hear you had to cancel 24 hours before departure. The group flight got back early last Sunday morning. It’s taken two days to get my bearings on track. Sorry for the delay in responding to your question.  The trip was a total adventure from start to end. I had such little time to myself at one stage I got six days behind on my trip journal, so I had to consult the map etc for certain names of places. I met SOME wonderful people on the trip. On occasions, i.e. camping, my comfort zone was compromised, but I look at it as all part of the adventure. I can’t go into detail of the trip at this point, but I’m so happy I did it! We were well looked after (9/10), and if you asked me if I’d do it again, well… The way I see it, you have one adventure then move on. No going back! Or Maybe one day. I would rate this trip as challenging. Three reasons I would consider it to be so are: High temperature, steep gradients, and on a one day trek it took some people 11 hours to complete. I hope you’re able to make the trip in the near future. The trip notes should, hopefully be emended where necessary as a representative of Exodus was on the trip. Look out for when I post my favorite photos on their web site. It might take a week or two though

All the very best


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