Trips for a younger audience?


I'm 23 and looking to book a solo trip and was just wondering which holidays tend to attract the younger audience? There's plenty of places I want to see but it would be great to make some friends on the trip too.

I've been looking at the walking holidays in particular but I've heard they generally attract people in their 30's and above? I'd be very happy in a mixed aged group but if I'm the youngest in a group by a good 10 years I think I might feel a little alienated!!! 


Im 25 and off to India next month so I will let you know, but Ive heard its very good for young travellers!

Ive heard that all Exodus trios are good for 20 somethings. Ive been told even when your the youngest you dont feel left out.


Hi! A bit late answering for the summer just gone so, hope you enjoyed your holiday.

Age groups on the Exodus trips tend to be very mixed older & younger, my own trip TWU follows that rule. However certain times are better for certain ages eg: early July when the mountain bike races and live bands are on would in my opinion be better for 20's & 30's although good for anyone who wants fun.

A good plan would be to ring up Exodus and simply ask the ages of people booked upon the trip.



Hiya, I'm 22 and went to South Africa this October on a solo trip and I was the youngest by about 6 years but it made no difference, plenty were in their 30s and a few retired people but the range of ages made it better as there was always someone with different interests so you don't have to go with the crowd the whole time and a wide mix of people always keeps things fun.


You must visit Panama City Beach and I think people of any age group can enjoy their vacation over there. you can enjoy lots of things like golf, Fishing, shopping etc and also if you want Luxurious Accommodations you can easily get that.



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