The troubles in Lybia

As most people will know, things have gone very wrong in the country of Lybia over the past week. My self and my wife have been watching the news with shock and horror indiscriminated killing by goverment forces in Benghazi and Tripoli. A lot of ths short trip involves thease two citys and after looking on the site, the advice given for the last 3 days has been ( Travel Summary and the Safety and Security - Political Situation. The overall level of the advice has not changed. We recommend against all but essential travel to Libya. Those without a pressing need to remain in the country, should leave by commercial means if it is safe to do so. )

After contacting Exodus yesterday (20-02-11) explaining our conserns I recived an e-mail the same day that they are revewing the situation on Friday 25 Feb. ???

Are other people on this trip or other trips to Lybia conserned about this situation?



Hi there,

 I'm due to go on the 16th October departure of the Highlights of Libya tour. In fact, I booked it just two weeks or so before the unrest hit Libya. I too have e-mailed Exodus who have said the same sort of thing to me as they have to you. 

 It's very difficult to predict the direction of events in Libya; I'd like to hope that peace will settle soon but I can't see it without anything more drastic happening. Such horrendous, awful scenes in what was a reasonably sedate country so alas, with both sides doing a Tom Petty and not backing down, I can't see things coming to a swift, peaceful conclusion although I do hope I'm wrong for both the Libyans and those of us wishing to visit the beautiful country of Libya. 

I guess all we can do is be patient and see what happens.



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