Tunisian Explorer AYT 5th November 2011

Hi, anybody else doing the Tunisian Explorer trip departing the 5th of November 2011? I think that there only 3 more people of this trip so far?


Hi, i've done this tour many times as Exodus tour guide in Tunisia and i can say based on what my groups told me that this is one of the most interesting tours that Exodus has, there are 3 people on this tour so far but there will be more, people still think that the situation is not stable here but everything is back to normal here and Exodus would never send its clients to dangerous destinations, so if you don't go you will never know)))

Hi. Steve and I are booked. Think there was only one other person booked when we did. Any one else booked?
Looking forward to trip and counting down!


Hi Steve and Jolocke, when I booked onto the trip they said there was only three others booked - not sure if anyone else has booked on since then. I am looking forward to the trip but as usual will usually try and cram my packing in the night before!I also tend to start reading what we are doing whilst flying and think oh oh its going to be jam packed as usual  - are you guys doing any training for this trip?

Have you travelled much with Exodus in the past? I am travelling on the group flight from London Heathrow - so may see you at the airport.

Training? Do you know something that we don't ?
Done quite a lot of trips with exodus - you?
Yes we're on the group flight too. Four weeks to go and counting!
Will look out for you at the airport


Yes - training -well for me its training- its because I have quite a chilled sedentary lifestyle office based job so always find it a shock to the system to be on the go all the time- think this is my 4th trip with Exodus now. My theory is that I will go to the gym a bit and do a bit of walking so it isn't such a shock to the system - well that is the theory but usually I am at work on the Friday and then have to come home pack /repack and then catch the National express Coach down to Heathrow and then jet off somewhere!!

I have just booked. We are now up to 8 passengers. See you soon.

See you at the airport. Not long to go now!


Wow - the group has now doubled in size which is good news. Just hope the local elections go smoothly now.

See you at the airpot

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