Turkey Lycian Activity Week - Sept 28 - Anyone from our group on here?

Hey Everyone,

Is anyone else signed up for the Lycian activity week in Turkey starting Sept 28th?  It's going to be awesome!


Going on this trip looking forward to it first group adventure holiday I have ever done. Should be awesome, lol >.<



I'm signed up for this!........looking forward to it and meeting everyone!

hey there!

i'm new to the adventure holiday too but can't wait to get going! got my tickets yesterday so now getting really excited! who's joining in gatwick and who's meeting in turkey? this might be a daft question but what's everyone bringing for shoes? i've got boots, trekking trainers and some other trainer type things for the wet stuff! sounds like alot of shoes! see you all soon!


Lol, that excatly desribed what shoes I will be taking, Boots, new pair of trekking trainers and old scabby pair for the wet stuff.

 I will be at Gatwick, yawning with the rest of us!.

 So what is everybody looking forward to doing most?

and where is everybody from? I'm frae bonnie Scotland.


cheers for that! i'm so excited about all of it as long as the sun is shining and i make it through in one piece i'll be happy!! white water rafting should def get the adrenaline going! thinking i might give the paragliding a shot too, if i'm feeling brave! i'll be travelling from manchester (i'm norn irish though!) staying at gatwick sunday night  hoping my alarm doesn't let me down for that early start !!!


Lol, I admit defeat right now on the paragliding, not brave, I will plump the depth inssead. I am staying in Gatwick overnight visiting a friend in the area. I think I will avail myself of that previous day booking in. Do you think that means we can get up later if we do that?.


can we book in day before? how's that?


Page 36 of your Thomsons travel document book seems to give you the option.......

Check it out.


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