Me and my mate Ross will be setting off from Scotland. Just wondering where the rest of the group are from.

Had some email conversations with Exodus around tyre choices and was given some extra info that anyone going may find interesting, especially some additional optional routes;

A link to a short film of the Appenine Ridge area


1. Fonte dell'Amore - the bit in my film - starts off with a 1000 year old muleteer trail which is swoopy and lovely but gets steadily narrower and rockier as it heads down. Quite exposed in places and you need to be pretty handy bike handlers to get the best out of it. Descends from Campiana to Corfino. 2. Teddy Bear's picnic - the last woodsy section in my film with the beautiful light - so named because 'if you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise'. Quite short but utterly brilliant. Narrow in places, with a few steps and a biggish drop off to the left hand side. Can get overgrown, but worth pushing through the brambly bits for the flowy woodsy bits. Descends from Japone to Villetta (and can be ridden from Braccicorti as a stand alone loop in about 45 mins - 1 hour, so easy to repeat if you're keen for a second go!!) 3. The Edge - impressively narrow, with a few techy bits in the middle (quite a large, steep drop on the right), get's more flowy and fast as it goes on, but starts off quite tough. Is located high above the river, just above the medieval bridge in Castiglione and takes you down to Pieve Fosciana.


Well, I'll be arriving from Ireland the day before (non-group flight). Haven't done much MTB myself. That tech bit will be challenging!

Tech bits Dave, you mean trying to judge the right speed to negotiate corners in the wet??!!

Ps. Sorry to gatecrash your thread!!


Guys, Don't mind this Bob person: He's old and doddery and knows not what he speaks.


Bob, I had the wind'n'rain in my eyes... and anyway,  photos or it didn't happen!



No worries. Everyone has a "Bob" - ours is called George. We are leaving him behind on this one for much he same reasons as you are leaving Bob behind.



Not going to bite on that one, sorry!! Have a good week you guys and Dave, try to message me on facebook with reports on how its going, and I will try and do the same. Thats assuming that they have computers in Bosnia??........... But then again they probably do as I see they now have them in Ireland!!......................and Whitby!!

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