TWO Mont Blanc Hotel Trek


Its my first trip with exodus and really looking forward to it, apart from the training I need to do before then. Look forward to meeting the rest of the group.



Hi Tracey, 

This is our first trip with Exodus as well, but we know a few people who have travelled with them and enjoyed the experience.  We are really excited about this trip as it has been a long time since either of us has visited France and Switzerland.  It's fun to have an adventure like this to train toward!  Our dogs like the preparation phase as well, although yesterday the younger dog hurt her pads on scree and ended up in Rick's backpack.

Where are your favourite hikes?

Looking forward to meeting you.  Will you be joining the group in London?

Robin in the Rockies

I've been on 2 Exodus trips and enjoyed them both hugely.

Come with an open mind and enjoy it at your leisure is my advice. You get immensely fit athletes to leisurely photo takers but everyone enjoys it for different reasons.

I know it'll be a good trip, the only gamble is the group! Mehh we can work round that!!


Well feel I should say hi as will be doing the same trip but Ali and I will be hardcore in our tents!  If things get rough may we borrow your showers? :-)  We went to Patagonia with Exodus last November and the leaders and the trip were fantastic.  I am sure you will have a great time and we may see you on the trail - take pity on us sleeping on the ground.!


I'm travelling to London the night before so I can travel with the group. Most of my walking is done in the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District although I love Scotland. Last year I walked the West Highland Way - no way compares to this years challenge.

In response to the campers - your brave but you'll have fun. I camped for three weeks on a tour across Canada a few years ago. I still camp but vowed never to camp for such a long period again x

Looking  forward to meeting you all.




We're flying over on the Air Transat redeye arriving London Aug 20 and staying at the Custom House Hotel.  We'll fly to Geneva with the group as well.

I did (briefly) consider the tenting version, but I usually have tolerance for only about three nights of tenting and then only when there are no other options and incredible scenery.  Tenting in Europe is probably much more civilized than tenting in the Rockies or Peru, so with the possibility of flush toilets and hot showers perhaps my three night rule might safely be broken.  My hat's off to you Morty and Ali.  I can also completely understand why camping in Canada might make you avoid camping anywhere, Tracey.

We just had a long weekend (Canada Day) in Waterton. Every day it rained and snowed on us the whole time we were hiking and then by some miracle, the instant we pulled our boots off for the day, the sun would come out for the evening. The wildflower display was the best I've ever seen- acres of glacier and mariposa lillies and huge clumps of wild orchids.  Perhaps the bad weather was the reason we saw so much wildlife and fewer fellow hikers.  Anyway, Mike is right.  With a group of people who have a positive outlook a person can have a great time in bad weather.

Only 40 more sleeps!  Looking forward to meeting everyone,

Robin in the Rockies


Ali and I camped in some wild Patagonia camps last year so we are hoping for a least a flushing toilet this trip - otherwise we may be knocking on your hotel door.  Although not on the same trip I believe both groups tend to bump into each other during the day so hopefully we will get to say hi!  Have now purchased top class inflatable ground mat.  Am hoping the walking will be tough but not too tough, and plenty of fantastic scenery I am assured.  All in all can't wait - six weeks today!!  helen

It would be great to bump into you and Ali on the trail and hear about your adventures in Patagonia, Helen.  Several friends have been there and all were impressed with the scenery (if not the weather).  I'd also be keen to hear more about the West Highland Way, Tracey. 

The idea that you can perhaps buy a coffee and cake or a beer along the way on your hike is really appealing.  If we want to have a beer on the trail here, we have to pack it in and carry out the can.  I wonder what the beer is like?

See you soon! 

Robin in the Rockies


Hello to all on this forum and this trek.   My wife and I will also be joining the trek and coming in from the US.  We are from Rochester, NY near Canada( Niagara Falls) and this is our first Exodus trip, though we have traveled in Europe many times independently.   We are pretty laid back hikers and looking froward to a great experience in the mountains....mountains are in short supply near Rochester!    Most of the other folks appear to be from the UK( per our travel agency), is that correct?     

Looking forward to meeting you all in a few days....we will join up with the group at the Geneva Airport

Hi Don,

I am from Kingston, Ontario (just North of NY state) and Rick is from Toronto so we know all about flat--one of the reasons we now live in Calgary.  At least you had some heat this summer.  Out here it has been much cooler and wetter than usual--better wildflowers and greener, but far too many opportunities to test the rain suits.  See you Saturday!

Robin in the Rockies


Hi hotel trekkers...  Only 6 more sleeps till the trip!  Ali and I are flying over on Easyjet and will meet up with the rest of our group then.  Hopefully we will bump into you on the trail.  If our campsite is nearby come and join us for a beer or plasters!  Very excited now and hoping the weather is kind and the scenery beautiful. x


Looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the group in a few days.  Safe travels!   Don

After months of careful planning and preparation, a myriad of unexpected last minute hurdles has me wondering whether it can all be done in time to collapse into our plane seats on Thursday.  I hope the rest of you are a little less frantic and look forward to meeting you all soon.  Safe trip to all. 

Robin in the Rockies

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