TYC - Serengeti, Kilimamjaro + Zanzibar departing 14th October

Hi, is anyone going on this trip ?

Scott Campbell but people call me Jez!

Hi Pete,

 Im leaving on the 15th to do Kilimanjaro - you doing the serengeti first? Have you done anything like this before? This is my first time and am travelling a lone - should be a great adventure!!



Hi Scott, yes I'm doing the Serengeti first, somewhere I've always wanted to go. I've never done anything like Kilimanjaro before, although I'm really looking forward to it. I'm travelling alone too. Cheers. Peter.

Hi Pete

We'll be on this trip with you, really excited now!

Hi Jez

Are you on the same trip.....I travelled with exodus a few years back and there were 2 guys travelling alone in a small group of 6 but they werent alone for long as you become a close knit group very quickly getting you through the tougher bits.


Hi Natalie, that's great that you'll be joining us. Only 11.5 weeks to go now, and I'm very excited too. Are you training hard ? I am trying to get myself fit, but I'm not sure I have enough time left !!! 

Hi  Pete, Scott and Natalie

 Just booked this last week, excited and a little apprehensive. Not sure you can train for altitude.  Do you suppose going and sleeping in the loft counts?!

When i booked they said there were already 10 on the trip so hopefully a merry little gang.

been on 4 previous exodus trips, all good, this is the first two week trip.

 Look forward to meeting you all.


Hey All! 

I'm sure my plan was to get fit back in January but suddenly only 69 days to go (yes i'm counting!) We're heading to Eastbourne next weekend to get a nice long walk in albeit no comparison to Kili! I travelled with exodus 4 years ago and did a 21 day trek which was very hard and amazingly brilliant but thankfully this one is a grade easier which should tie in with the the years that have past and my lack of walking for days on end in between!!

 Looking forward to meeting everyone.....are you travelling from Heathrow on 14th or joining out there?

Hey Natalie, I'm travelling from Heathrow on the 14th.

 I've never done anything like climbing Kili before, although I did manage Scafell Pike in the Lakes about a month ago (although I couldn't walk the following day). I've started a jogging routine, but with the Olympics, I've barely left the sofa for a week, and this is unlikely to change this week. But still 10 weeks to go, so hoping to turn this around. I'm really looking foward to the trip and meeting everyone, although like Gordon, a little apprehensive about it too - the altitude particularly.


I'm definitely no expert on altitude, on my one and only other trek we had top altitude of 5545 obviously we go another 400 or so with this one but all I can say is that we all helped each other through the tough bits and the guides were amazing.  Nothing I did before the last trip prepared me for the effects of altitude i didnt realise how slow i could walk at times every step feeling like the world was on my shoulders but you soon see even some of the more experienced altitude walkers suffer too and you are not alone.  And once you reach the end of the day you forget the pain (kinda) and look forward to the next!  I seem to remember a lot of emphasis being put on breathing and hydration......At least this trip is cushioned each side with safari and beach!

Ok, Typhoid injection in one arm and Hepatitis A in the other, appointment booked for Yellow fever jab. discussion about Maleria tablets, the the most expensive needs taking for the least time and has the fewist side effects, as though now I am going to go for the cheap option. Scary leaflets read.  i know I have yet to go on this holiday but, i find my mind turning to next year, - 14 days in Bognor seems attractive.


Yep, flying from Heathrow on the group flight as well.

When I spoke to the nurse she reccommended having a rabies jab as it is prevalent in the area......has anyone else had this info?? 


the nurse I saw mentioned Rabies. However provided we were going to be within 24hours drive of proper medical help then not required. So I assume that on the game drive we are. I am assuming that on Kili there will not be animals. I cannot recall friends who have climbed Kili mentioning having a Rabies jab. The nurse did give me the scary leaflet to read about not approaching animails. Oddly enough I hadn't thought of patting a lion on the head anyway.

 So, seems like one of those things without a right answer.


thanks for the advice, all jabs done now just malaria tabs to go....I went for the more expensive ones in the end as with the other option one of the side effects was sun sensitivity, didnt want to risk that with my luck! 

Not long now think i've bought almost everything that i need now but sure i've forgotten something, hows everyone else doing?


My Exodus bag arrived on Friday, and I couldn't resist trying to fit everything into it - by way of research - I'm not officially packing quite yet !!! I'm collecting my Tanzania Visa on Wednesday, but still have to get my malarone (the best malaria tablets with no side effects). I did a 16 mile walk yesterday, and now have two feet covered in blisters ... not a good sign. However, getting V excited !!!


Only just over a month to go!! Woo!! Injections booked for this week and next week, Malerone on order and last week I went shopping for hiking gear..only a few things to get now.  Looking forward to meeting you all!!!  By the way I'm having the rabies jab...the nurse said it was up to me...but I'm not taking any chances

I so want to start packing but am refraining (just) its coming around quickly! 

I've just read through the FAQ's for the trip and it suggests packing the bag within a suitcase and then only taking what is needed for kili and leaving the rest at the hotel in the case, (not sure if I trust my organisational skills for that but a few weeks yet to decide!) I must admit on the last trek we were gutted that others had nice fresh clean clothes waiting for them!!!

and just in case you've not heard of compede Pete its great stuff for blisters, (just don't peel it off too early)

I've been looking at the visa info and think i'm going to get mine on arrival - anyone else doing it this way?

also....anyone know what temps to expect day/night on safari? 


With reagrds to the bag....if this trip is anything like the Inca trail then you will be limited to how much you can take to Kili as the porters will the carrying it. You will have a day sack with your munchies and hiking stuff in so the rest of your stuff will be back at the hotel.  Yep i'm getting my Visa there as well but  I must say I got  a bit nervous whe I read the post from Peter about getting his visa so I called exodus just to make sure and yes you can collect it on arrival.  I was hiking in yorkshire this weekend in preperation.....8 hours of hiking and no blisters..woo!!! it's all about the walking socks!!!  I will be taking the group flight on the 14th as well.  Are you taking a sleeping mat or are you renting one over there....I've bought one of these self inflating mats...I've not tried it yet though.

Just re-reading the notes are we thinking pack up to 20kg (but able to go down to 15 for trek) plus hand luggage?  I'm just wondering about the smaller planes for the domestic flights.....

I'm currently getting towards the end of a bout of flu - hope everyone else has escaped it and continues to do so!!!

All jabs done just got to get my malaria tablets from chemist almost set me thinks - everyone ready?

 see you soon woo hoo!

Hello DaveyD. thanks for the post about the Visa, I had a moment of doubt after Pete's post.

I too have had a practice pack, actually haven't yet had a practice unpack, so I think it now counts as a bit of very early packing.

 Natallie, I was not sure about the weights so I emailed Exocus and Marta has responded:

'you may carry a bag of 23kg through out your whole journey'

 given all the warm stuff I am taking Kili, I will need the weight limit, everyone I have spoken to comments on how cold it is on the last two nights

Anyone wish to meet up at the airport?

Sure good idea, we're aiming to be at Heathrow for 5pm......

Yes I'd certainly be up for meeting at Heathrow. Not sure off the top of my head what time the flight is but I'm usually about three hours early and usually end up waiting in the bar. Perhaps we'll have to swap mobile numbers so we can text our locations.

Flight is 8pm. There is a bar called Bridge bar (just googled it as opposed to knowing bars in all locations!!!) could meet there after security (and a wander round the duty free!)?


Hi all!!  Well I decided to rent a sleeping bag, sleeping mat and poles from Exodus to cut down on all the stuff I will need to pack.  But I am taking a sleeping bag liner.  I had my final injection today so I'm good to go..yey!!  Meeting up at the airport sounds like a plan....see you at the bar!!

Pete and all

 not sure I wish to put mobile on open forum. I have created a new gmail account.

[email protected]  If you wish to email me your mobile number, quoting our flight number as a cross check then I can pass on any I receive.

I should be at the airport about 3 hours before departure, if you wish to meet up before check-in, if not we tend to be spread out over the whole plan.

 All becoming a bit real now. re-reading the trip notes to see if there is anything I have missed. not like a ski holiday where I can always nip down the shops if I have forgotten anything.

 see you all next sunday.


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