Well, back to normality! I have a had the best holiday of my life. I had a great time trekking up Mt Kilimanjaro. Even though I found it hard on the final accent, I was determined to make it, and I did. Never say die!! I enjoyed everybodies company on this trip. It still feels strange to me being back. Just because the trip is over, does not mean that we can't stay in touch. Hope speak to you al soon, Ian and Leah Wyn Owen, Alan, Rob, Michelle and Gary, Michael, Bindu, Janet and Francis.

All the best to everybody.



Hi Clive

Just stumbled across your post , hope you dont mind me messaging you . I am about to hike Kilimanjaro via the Lemosho Route this year and wondered if you would be so kind to offer any tips / advice etc

Best wishes


Hi Colette, no I don't mind you messaging me. Just do plenty of walking specially up hill walking with a back pack on. Wear a good pair of walking boots which are very comfortable and give you good ankle support. It is worth investing a good set of boots. Take walking poles with you. I took Vitabiotics Feroglobin B12 Slow Release capsules for 3 months running upto to the trip which helps carry oxygen around the body. This might help withn the altitude. I found that the last stage to the summit was the worst. Left camp at midnight and we trekked up very steep slopes and very deep loose gravel.

Most of all enjoy.

 Message me anytime.

When are you going?




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