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TYR Kilimanjaro lemosho route 20th feb - 2nd march 2010

Hi all,

Looking forward very much to the trip (we are a couple in our late 30s - mid 40s), anyone else going on 20th feb - 2nd march 2010 ?.

Mike + Emma


PS. Our dates don't appear on the departure dates below, we depart 20th feb 2010



I was beginning to think I was going on my own! I've been checking the forum frequently and have only just spotted your post! I actually created a new message last night and then found this this morning!

I'm a single traveller, 29, and am also looking forward to the trip albeit being a little nervous. Hows your preparation going? I'm starting to feel a bit more organised now - am about half way through the long list of injections, have started buying bits and pieces and have been researching the trip quite a bit on the internet. The tickets and kit bag should be arriving soon apparently.

See you in a few weeks!



Hi Alison,

Nice to hear from someone who is on the same trip.  We rang Exodus last week just to confirm that there were others out there on the same trip dates ! We are currently only 10 people, so 2 spaces still free.  We are also a little nervous about the trip, mainly how we will manage at altitude.  Having our last injections this Friday - yellow fever !  Just sorting the last few things with kit and still doing the fitness training.  How are you doing ?  Looking forward to meeting everyone - maybe at the airport.  See you soon  Mike & Emma   


I also rung about a month ago and there was 10 then, apparently with age ranges of 24-68! I think the altitude is also my main concern. I have been exercising regularly but I have never been quite that high before! Hope the injection went ok for you today. I'd heard that yellow fever injections made some people feel quite nauseous afterwards, but I was fine with mine.

What are your plans for taking money with you? I've read that the preferred unit of currency is US dollars so was thinking about changing my money to that (and taking a credit card) but I'm not sure how much to take. I guess we'll need some for the porters tips but not really sure what is an appropriate amount!



Hi Saw your question re money and tipping. I posted this on anoher departure date if its of any help......

Tipping: I assume you mean for the porters. Don't worry too much about this, they (African Walking Co) try to keep it all very fair. At the beginning of the trip the group will be given a sheet which gives a guide/breakdown of the level of tips for the support staff.....from general porters to toilet porter thru to chef, assistant guide and lead guide. Its all very mathematical.....as a group you work out the total in tipping so, for example (am just making up these figures) if it was $10 per general porter and there were 10 then that would be $100, $40 for the chef, $50 per assistant guide and there are 3, and $60 for the lead guide, that totals $350. If there are 5 clients in the group then that would be $70 each. Ours was all done on the last evening, information on the sheet tells you the process! But, just for info, we had 9 walkers, 1 lead guide, 4 assistant guides, a chef, a porter that did everything (!), a toilet porter, and all the rest general.....for 9 walkers we had a support crew of 37 I think it was!! If I remember rightly it was $85 each. Then some people gave one off extras that final night for things that some porters did over & above, there were about half a dozen extra tips of about $5 each that individuals did seperately. Hope that helps!


thanks for the info on tipping, very helpful.



Hi Alison,

Sorry, haven't replied till now - been extremely busy with work !!  Not long now !! ............ getting excited and nervous the closer it gets.  The info ref the tipping from the other traveller was very useful, we are hoping the same thing will happen with our trip.

Our Yellow fever jab was ok - but glad there's no more ! 

Just chasing one of our Exodus Bags now - got one through the post a few weeks ago now - but still waiting for the other.  Been promised it will be here this week.  Will have a trial run through this Sunday with packing and trying to reduce the weight to 15kg maximum ! As the bags look quite small.

Still training, but like you this will be the highest we have been, but fingers crossed all our group will make it to the summit.

Are you travelling from Heathrow on the complete package on Saturday evening, or taking other flights ??

Look forward to meeting you.

Mike & Emma



I had my last injection yesterday and am also very pleased they're finished now. After number 9 my arms were starting to feel like pin cushions!

I think a trial run is a good idea, I might also try and do that. The plane allows 20kg but the kit bag 15. I think we can leave some things at the hotel though since we're in the same place at the end of the trip so that should hopefully account for 5kg worth of stuff! Its going to be tricky packing to be prepared but then not taking too much.

I am flying from Heathrow. Luckily, Im getting a lift to and from the airport so that should make my journey from and to Hull a bit more bearable with all the luggage!

I'm shopping on Saturday for my final bits and pieces (nibbles, water purification tablets etc). I just hope I dont forget something!


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