TYX - Kilimanjaro and Safari!

Hi All,

Am finally booked onto my trip - who else is going?? Would be nice to chat before we meet up. Who is meeting there and who is going as part of the Group from the UK? Look forward to hearing from you!





I am going on this trip too, can't wait!!!  Have you done many trips like this before?


Hi Kirsten,

 I have never done a trip like this before! 1st time! Have you? I am really looking forward to it but panicing about what kit to take/buy how much stuff will i need etc!!! Im based in Liverpool (though not a scouser), what about yourself? What fitness plan are you doing to prepare for the summit???



Hi Jez,

I did the Inca Trail in Peru last year and a few years back climbed a mountain in Malaysia. I was fortunate and didn't struggle too much with altitude. I think one thing I have learnt through my various trips is that I always take too much stuff and end up just wearing what is most comfortable - my challenge this time is to try and reduce what I take - however I do like gadgets so will probably fill my bag with stuff like that! I am already on the look out for what new kit i need :-)

For training I am just gradually doing longer and longer walks - much to the pleasure of my two dogs! I will also include some hill walking as that works slightly different muscles and always feels like hard work.

I am based near Guildford in Surrey.

Are you planning to get your visa in advance or when you get there?


Hi Kirsten,

I have now started getting everything together and reading everything in print about climbing Kili!! I have started trekking and hiking in north Wales, the view from the Great Orme was amazing this weekend. I'm a gadget freak too and have already sorted out how to charge everything by solar power while on the mountain!! Lol!! I am sure I will take too much and forget the essentials - as long as I'm warm I'm sure I will be fine!!

I was going to get my visa once there, people I have spoken too have said its easy enough to do so I might as well. Do you know if there are many others on this trip? Last I heard there were 7 of us, 2 in 20s, 1 in 30s, 2 in 40s and 2 in 50s so quite a spread! Should make interesting conversation around the camp fire!!



Hi Jez/Kristen,

I'm on this trip & currently buying stuff I need - including new boots that I desperately need to wear in !  I also did the Inca Trail a few years ago, but this is a lot higher & colder ! A friend who's done clmbing at high altitude recommended a three season sleeping bag (I've got a two season one & so will be getting a fleece liner for it). Thanks for reminding me about the visa, I forgot that'll need sorting.

See you at Heathrow on the 14th



Hello fellow hikers

Read your comments - think we all have now realised what we are letting ourselve in for !!!! we paid the balance so there is no backing out now ;-)

Panic!!! training!!! visa's!! sleeping bags !!! - and only 8 ish weeks to go - so just remind me why we are doing this - are we all insane !!!- if so - we should all have a good time ;-)

Did inca trail 3 years ago so though it was high time i got of my bottom !! and strike off a few more items off my bucket list - maybe base camp everest next if this one does not do me in !!!


Have a friend who did this trip about 12 month ago so will gleem some more advice from her - but she has already recommended jelly babies, talc, 2 pair of thermal underwear and a bloody good sleeping bag !!!!

Glad to catch up with you all -




The panic factor is definitely starting to creep in as the realisation that the trip is really not all that far off!! I am just sorting the forms to find out what jabs (if any) I need. Loving the advice Baz... if your friend has any more words of wisdom and do's and don'ts etc I am sure we would all love to hear it!

 As far as training goes... it seems to me that the real trial wont be distances so much as the length of time we might have to be walking. Unfortunately the lovely summer heat we have been having has meant my dogs are not exactly enthused about doing any kind of walking! and nor am I for that matter...  Jez - sounds like you are well sorted with the training :-)



Hi everyone

I'm on this trip too and it's been good to read all your comments. I guess the next few weeks will fly by. I booked this trip in April and then it just seemed like something I was going to be doing sometime in the distant future but now it feels really close. I'm also getting my kit together but am going to hire the sleeping bag and jacket when I get there to save carting it around and also a mattress ( as one of the over 50's I'll need some comfort ). Getting the last of my jabs on Thursday and also picking up the malaria tabs so at least that'll be another thing sorted and paid for.

Looking forward to meeting you all,


Ok bricking it now! Have too much stuff and am slowly trying to filter out what i should take and what I shouldnt!! I am getting my visa when we get there - anyone else doing the same? Max I have hired the sleeping bag and mattress too - though taking a liner for the bag. I have I done enough training before hand - I think not but we will find out in a few weeks!! Does anyone fancy meeting up at Heathrow? May be we could have a meeting point and introduce ourselves before our adventure! I will be getting there well in advance as I'm setting off from Liverpool at 10am! Well 4 weekends and counting............  Jez


Scott Campbell but people call me Jez!


Hi Jez. Yes not long to go now.I'm going to get my visa when we get there as well as it seems pretty straight forward.Meeting at Heathrow would be a good idea,probably see everyone in the check in queue as we'll probably all have our Exodus bags on our shoulder.Know what you mean about the training......guess we'll find out together on that one



Hi guys, I am also coming on this trip - getting nervous now! I am also planning on getting my visa on landing, so I'm relieved to see other people are too!

Someone i know ended up with hypothermia on Kili, so she recommended good thermals! Also someone else suggested sucking boiled sweets to help at altitude.

See you all soon!


Good morning everyone,

It's been good reading all your mesages on things to take and advice as this will be my first exodus trip and my first high altitude trip. I think the fear factor is starting to kick in now but getting excited also. Will be good to finally meet everyone so will see use all in London on the 14th of October!

Cheers everyone 

Nathan Murdoch


I am planning on getting my visa when we get there too.

If any one fancies meeting at Heathrow and we don't find each other in the check-in queue my number is 07968 004848. 

My suitcase currently resembles Kili with the mound of stuff that needs to fit in! Not sure there is much space left once the down jacket, sleeping bag and mattress are all in there!!!

Looking forward to meeting you all on Sunday :-)



Hello again - the time as come - ........................... tooooooooo panic some more - almost got everything but will no doubt forget something - was advised to wear at least one set of your hiiking gear while on the plane - (and a way of saving space ) ie boots being the most important just in case you arrive at your destination and your case does not .... anybody figures out the plugs over there - there seems to be two type - british 3 pin plug or for those of us of a certain age who can remember the 3 pin round plud !!!

got my american dollar today - advised to get a number of 1 dollar bill - for tipping - will probably change to shilling at airport

Jez -  what solar device are you taking

and remember - don't forget ya jelly babies

see you sunday afternoon - i assume we have to be there the required 3 hours before - then the game begins - sussing out who is on the trip - sharp eyes open to spot the exodus bags or tag




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