TYZ233 - Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar 19th Aug - 31st Sept

Anyone else on this trip?  It's getting closer and I'd love to make contact before we go.

 I'm doing the trek with a friend of mine and the nerves are already kicking in!

Hi there,

I did this trip last year and it was amazing! The only downside for me was that there was only one other person on the trip and I was travelling alone. As you're going with a friend you'll be fine. Just take on the advice to walk slowly!!

So, that at least makes 4 of us!!

Have you been training? How's it going?


Hi Ali - nice to have a response to my message,

I do consider myself fairly fit anyway - I have been known to run half marathons with no training - so to this effect I have not done any specific training recently apart from my usual occasional run, cycle and gym visit.  From what I have read we will move so slowly anyway that aerobic fitness is important but not a big issue! 

I have this week done a 50+ mile cycle and a couple of gym classes and have a few things planned for next week but am not stressing myself out with it all. I'm more trying to organise my kit and work out what is still left to buy!

Have you done anything similar? I did the Inca Trail last year and that was amazing!

 Both my friend and I are teachers, in our 30's, from Surrey and Berkshire to put you in the picture about us!

Speak soon



Hey.... Me and my friend Selina are also on this trip! Getting very excited/nervous. Never done anything like it before but have always wanted to. We're both teachers so though we should put the summer holidays to good use. A bit worried that we haven't done lots of training but both fit and active people so hopefully that's a good start! I think there are 13 on this trip so a big bunch to troop on to the top! (hopefully!) We got our last few bits and bobs yesterday, can't wait to get on that plane!!!


Also a little query... We've had very mixed messages about needing the yellow fever certificate. The docs said its not necessary for where we're going. I have read that they ask to see the certificate on arrival but legally it's not necessary anymore in Tanzania. All very confusing! I have an appointment for next week to get the vaccination but its very expensive if we don't need it. Help much appreciated :)

Hey Beth, good to hear from you - I am beginning to think it's going to be a bit of a teacher convention on this trip!

I got YF last year for Peru and my friend got it last week. I'd get it to be on the safe side - my GP said you do need it but I know lots of info on the internet begs to differ. I'd hate to be turned away at the border!  Plus, it lasts for 10 years, and future travels!


Very true, someone said they sometimes make you have it in a little room at the airport if you haven't had it!! Not something I want to risk! Lots of teachers so far, lots of children having Kilimanjaro assemblies in September then haha! Are you taking anything for the altitude? Guess we just wait to see if it gets us, hopefully not too bad.


Hi Guys, I did this trip a month ago and thought I might be able to help with the Yellow Fever issue. We were asked for certificates but the boys who didn't have them didn't have any problems they just explained we hadn't travelled from a high risk area. That said we got eaten alive in Zanzibar so I'm glad I had my jabs. You need to have had the 10 or 14 days before travelling if you are going to have it. Hope this helps. Good Luck with the trek. It's amazing and I've still got post Kili blues...



Ok great, thanks. Think it's def best to be on the safe side and get it done! Any top tips that we might not have thought of for packing?? I hear a nail brush is like gold on that first shower after the trek!


Jelly Babies on summit night were a god send, but we all took loads of snacks which we really didn't need the catering was amazing and we didn't eat nearly all the extras we too. Clothing was the same, someone has to carry all the stuff that you 'might' need. I took 2 pairs of trousers, 2 fleeces, 2 thermals (top and bottom) and 3 pairs of socks. I wore nearly all this and a down jacket on summit night and after half an hour i was hot... So I'd say give your gear a try because having too much on is as bad as not having enough.

 Be prepared to tip everyone, at the airport, the hotel, the drivers etc. They can be quite demanding.

Don't overthink it all, I did and worried myself sick. The walking is reasonable and slow. Take you time, have a look round and take in what you are actually achieving with each days walking, and take each day as it comes.

The first shower is bliss but you won't feel clean until the third one.


Thanks for the tips, some days I feel over prepared and others I have a panic about what else I might need! Will stock up on the jelly babies then! Just want to be there now (without wishing my summer holiday away!) thanks again!


Hi everyone - a week today we'll all hopefully be settling into our first camp! Eek! I'm friends with Michelle, who started this forum, and we're both alternately terrified and excited! I think we'll all be all right so long as we drink loads of water, get enough sleep, walk verrrryyyyy slloooowwwllllyyy, and eat lots too (not usuall a problem!); take plenty of thermals; have a good sleeping bag, lots of warm socks and a good pair of boots. According to the hundreds of blogs, other forums on here etc that I've read, altitude is the key thing that makes it hard and there's nothing we can do about that - someone on another forum said they took Ibuprofen every morning and evening and that seemed to stave off any headaches etc. Hopefully we won't all come back addicted to painkillers :) I got my Yellow Fever jab the other week - apparently Tanazania has officially stopped requesting proof of it but I wouldn't want to risk it. Just another thing - might be a good idea to check that your travel insurance covers you to 6000m; I thought mine did but it turned out to be 5000m despite what they state in their policy (brilliant, really helpful Barclays!) so I got Exodus insurance just for this trip.


Heeeey fellow campers, it's getting very close now!! Yesterday was pure panic but after a good night's sleep I've woken up today mega excited again! Hopefully this will continue to Sunday, can't wait to get on the plane now! Yep me and Selina got the yellow fever jab to be on the safe side and also got exodus insurance as it covers everything we need! (or hopefully not need!!!) the altitude will be the main prob but hey ho...not much training we can do for that!! I'll stock up on ibuprofen tho, good idea. We've been looking at the place we're staying in zanzibar and it looks amaaaaazing, if that doesn't spur us on up the big hill I'm not sure what will!! :)


The place in Zanzibar does look amazing doesn't it! Let's pray for an ash cloud........


Good work Ruth, liking the Ash Cloud Prayer idea!

 Anyone started packing yet? Somehow I have managed to fill my wheeled holdall I'm bringing and still have a pile of stuff left on the floor, plus my hand luggage feels like it weighs ten ton! But to be honest I have packed quite a few snacks and masses of baby wipes, plus toiletries for Zanzibar to scrub off all that mountain dirt!

How's everyone else's packing and preparation going?


I feel like I've got too much but then there's nothing I can take out (just incase!!) I've done a practise pack in the exodus bag, just need to weigh it then take it all out to put in my normal case! I have more toiletries/first aid bits and bobs than anything else!! I have toiletries for the climb (minimal but essential items eg.baby wipes!!!) then another lot of toiletries for Zanzibar!!! There seems to be a lot of stages in the packing process for this trip!! Haha. Very excited tho! What are you taking in your hand luggage? People have said to take my walking boots in there incase the case gets lost?? Hmmmmmm lots to think about, 3 more sleeps :)


I'd definitely wear your walking boots for that very reason - it happened to me when I went to Peru and I was so glad I wore them; other stuff I could borrow from people but not boots!!!!! Lost luggage is the worst thing ever....... I am so excited now! The packing will be done tomorrow - it's all arranged and piled but all over the floor. Toiletries and first aid stuff seems to weigh a ridiculous amount and take up a ridiculous amount of room!!!



Yep good idea to have them with me...I've got boots, my big coat and my sleeping bag in a separate hand luggage case!! I can't fit it all in at all!! All the big things can't be taken out so I'm struggling a lot to get it all in. Have just wheeled it over my bare foot too which wasn't the best idea!! Ahh can't wait, wish we were jumping on that flight tomo! :)


Yes, I think I may have to take Kenya Airways up on their kind offer of 2 pieces of hold luggage - none of it weight as lot but it all takes up so much ROOM! One more sleep!

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