Hi,  Anyone else on this trip ?


Yes, this will be our first trip with Exodus and looking forward to the walking. The hotel in San Francisco looks lively on Trip Advisor but no doubt we will be looking forward to Yosemite.

Richard & Janice

I have not done much walking for a while, I will need to strech the legs a bit before this trip.

I have done quite a few trips with exodus, and some with various other companies, Exodus seem quite good, but the quality of the tour is down to the local company .

Not looked at Trip Advisor, but prefer to be out of the cities.

Dave P..


Hi Folks. We are Ann & Steve and will be joining you on this trip. First time in USA, Looking forward to Yosemite and the Grand Canyon, but we're sure everything in between will be good too. Dave-you're not alone in needing to stretch your legs before the trip! Here in the flatlands of Essex hills are pretty rare things


Hello everyone. Looking forward to meeting you all. Is anyone else getting to San Fran early? Thought I'd have a good look around before starting the trip. What hotel are we booked into? Haven't been given the details yet.

This will be my third trip with Exodus and they've been pretty good.  



Hello Penny. Hotel is Best Western Americania-see details in page 2 of trip notes.

Rob and Louise are looking forward to this adventure. Natives of Sussex so the South Downs are our usual playground, looking forward to something a bit more challenging. Hope there aren't too many teetotallers on the trip!

Hi Rob and Louise,

Ti ti tottelers wash shat, well I am not sure what the position is in some of the campsites, may have to stock up with several days supply ( Oh dear that may curb the amount ).

Dave P..

A little bird told me that beer is cheap in the USA.....When we went to Canada with Exodus a few years ago, a liquor store stop was on the (unofficial) itinerary on the way to camp. Let's hops it's the same south of their border.

I guess it will be much the same in the US,  likewise in Oz, the sight of nearly 20 people carrying 40 packs back to the truck must have raised a few eyebrows.

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