Very excited about this

Anybody else signed up for this trip? I'm all signed up along with a friend. It'll be my fourth solo trip but his first and we're both very excited! Would you great to hear from anybody else joining.



Yes! As were 4 other people when I booked, so there are at least 5 of us prepared to sleep in a tent by the Ganges and WALK through a tiger reserve?! Are we mad?

Really looking forward to the Sikh Temple in Delhi.  We visited the temple in Amritsar 3 years ago and it was quite fantastic. There was an item about white water rafting around Rishikesh on Radio 4 this morning (Excess baggage 10am), which I missed but will hear it on iplayer.  Also there was an article about Delhi in last Sunday's Telegraph, which included the Sikh temple.

Would be good to hear from you both.

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