Vietnam 22nd March 2014

Hi. Just booked this today :D very very excited indeed! Never have done anything like this before, or even travelled to south east asia.


Is anyone else going that usees the forum? Would be great to hear from anyone that will be. Im also travelling on my own for the very first time, so im a little nervous about that. Would anybody have some good advice for me for my first Exodus trip??

Hi - which Vietnam trip are you on?  I'm booked for 21 March on Trails of Vietnam - and looking forward to it!  Have travelled with Exodus several times, always been a good experience - sure you'll have a great time!




Im on the cycling one departing 22/3 . I dont think its the same trip. Just want somebody to help me settle my nerves a little if im honest. Not ever done anything like that and im am really excited about it.


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