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Vietnam Adventure

Hi all

This is going to be my first Exodus holiday and so just wanted to touch base with anyone doing this trip prior to travelling and hopefully break the ice a little before meeting in Vietnam.  Hope to hear from someone soon.




Hi Ruth,

Not on the same tour us such. but on the (AOG) Indochina tour which I'm guessing is the same tour with a bit tagged on the front, so probably be seeing you in Hanoi ready for the trip to Halong Bay?

My 1st time with Exodus too, and really, really looking forward to trip. There's only one thing that bothers me big time.......................don't think I'll want to come back!


Ignore my prev post (I'm a numpty).

Sorry Ruth, I woz jumping to conclusions that Exodus just strung trips together - just checked & your trip is Halong day 3 & mine is day 13. As the departures are 7 days apart, they are clearly not connnected.

Have a great time anyhoos


Hi Ruth

I'm also on this trip, departing 27 March. This is my third Exodus trip now (previously done Borneo & Costa Rica/Panama) and they have all been very well organised. Are you travelling solo?


Hi Alex

Always good to hear from people who have been before.  I am being brave and going on my own - first trip abroad on my own ever!  Very much looking forward to it.



Hi Ruth Alex and Caroline,

Have just booked myself on Vietnam trip. 4th trip with Exodus, but all previous ones have been trekking holidays. All very well organised. Really looking forward to seeing Vietnam.





hi fellow single travellers! glad I'm not the only one.  Had your jabs etc?  had mine last week and my arms hurt for 2 days :-( 

Anyone thoughts on where to get a visa from?  the recommendation to go through Travcour appears to add £25 to the cost?  Anyone tried direct before?

 I am soooo excited!




has most of mine already so hopefully they won't need to ive me too many more!!  Visa wise I normally have just sent my passport off to all sorts of embassys and it has been fine, although I am off to India between now and then for work so may end up using their one just so its a bit quicker.  If you can afford it I would use them for a bit more piece of mind and maybe a bit less hassle but personally I can't afford the 25GBP extra, that is money for going out one night instead!! I am getting very excited now, only really 10 weeks to go!!

Hello my first trip with Exodus and to asia so i am looking forward to it



Hi All,

I'm Jo and i will also be going on the Vietnam Adventure trip from the 27th March - 11th April.  I'm yet to sort out my visa and jabs!  We don't need malaria tablets do we?

I will also be travelling alone so look forward to meeting you all.


Hi Jo.  Vietnam is a malaria zone and as we are travelling so extensively, particularly in rural areas, I have ordered my tablets.  I was advised to take Malarone - more expensive, but doesn't give you the sickness and weird dreams you get with others types.  I have taken it before and had no problems.  I would rather spend the £54 on the tablets than risk having malaria for life!  Boots Direct is the cheapest I have found.

I did look at the Embassy website and it really isn't complicated to apply for a visa direct - saves £24 on people checking it for you!  You have to fill the same form in regardless.

Looks like its a bunch if single travellers so far - bet we are going to have a blast!


Hi everybody

Im also going on this trip.  It will be the third time that I have been away with Exodus although I have never been this far with them. My previous trips were walking trips to Madeira and the Turquoise coast (Turkey). I had a great time on both and everybody was really friendly. Im also travelling alone.  Look forward to meeting everybody!



looks like we have a full 16 - the trip has disappeared from the list!  I am so excited already :-)


Cool, thanks for the tips on the Malaria tablets.  Just got my passport and visa back - all very excited now!


margaret clarke

Hi fellow travellers!   I'm another one travelling alone - my 3rd Exodus holiday.  Really thrilled to be going to Vietnam and the trip looks great.

I've also been recommended Malarone as being the best anti-malarial protection.

Jo - did you get your visa direct from the embassy?  I'm keen to try this option.

Looking forward to meeting you all.


I got mine direct from the Embassy - posted on a Saturday, came back week Tuesday.  Form easy to complete.

 changing the subject - what do you seasoned travellers recommend for luggage given we will be moving around so much?  suitcase or rucksack, or something else? 


So excited - 7 weeks today!!! Thats if my maths is right it way well be totally wrong!!

What has everyone else gone with for insuarnce have you bought the Exodus one??


PS Ruth, I have a holdall on wheels, but if not would have had a backpack.  Don't think it wil matter much though as we are not trekking up hills with them on our backs - Well, I hope not anyway i'll be stuffed if so!!  Personally i'd go for the lightest case/bag you can find, as you sill have to lug it about in parts, and that is easy to push into spaces, as in not hard sides etc as it mak it easier to store on trains and stuff!

Caroline, you've gotta be joking, I've got my insurance elsewhere for 1/4 the price and it still covers everything we'll be getting up to.

As for luggage, Ruth, I'd go for the rucksack every time if you have both - much easier to lug around. Although as Caroline says I don't think it will matter much - just if you take a case make sure you can carry it a fair distance as you never know!

On a new note, where is everyone from? I'm from S Wales.



Hi,  yeah I lokd after they sent me a quote and your right can get it fo a 1/4 of the price!!  didn't think there would be a massive ammount in it for a years policy but there seems to be!!  I am from Haywards Heath in Sussex, so basically next to Gatwick Airport which is pretty handy!  What about everyone else??

thanks for the advice guys - might just go for case on wheels option!  I am a midlander so still trying to figure out the best way to get to the airport (whichever they send us from - Heathrow?), but I guess it depends on the time of the flight.

 I seem to have hit a bit of a lull in the excitement - bought a load of stuff to take and now I just need to wait to pack it all!


I live in Newcastle upon Tyne so it looks like we are from all over the place.  I am flying down from Newcastle at the crack of dawn to catch the connecting flight to KL and then to Vietnam.  Thought about travelling down the night before but there is about three and a half hours in between the flights so should be ok


Hi.  Is everyone taking malaria tablets?  I thought I would chance it as the itinerary predominantly seems to be keeping away from the high risk areas?  Also, I guess I might be too late now to obtain some tablets.  I can't believe how quickly the date is approaching - I need to prepare!

Hi folks - sorry to be nosey, but couldn't help sticking my oar in. My daughter and I did this wonderful adventure in 2008. I don't think malaria was an issue and wouldn't worry too much about it. I took precautions and was fine, but my daughter didn't take any precautions and she was also fine. You'll be under nets if you are staying in villages, and the hotels were very clean.

I couldn't have asked for a more rewarding and satisfying trip. So much to do and see, so many highlights. A warm and welcoming people. Great food, great restaurants. Hustle and bustle in the cities - and peaceful, laidback way of life in the central highlands, despite the illiterate roosters!

Do take care crossing roads. This can involve a major tactical reconnaissance exercise before setting out across the road. Especially Hanoi. It's an adventure in itself. So keep your wits about you. You'll all have  memorable experiences on this adventure.

Munch (Derek) 

woop woop the tickets arrived!!! sooo excited now!  Anyone fancy meeting up at Heathrow so we don't have to be billy no-mates on the plane? (and get to know each other before we get there!)


Hi, we are booked on this trip although we are going out a few days early.  Looking forward to it never been to this part of the world before.  Grant & Sally.


Hi fellow travellers - 2 weeks today and we'll be on our way...I'm going to be in touch with 2 friends who are returning from exactly the same trip tomorrw, so will pass on any up-to-the-minute tips. Can't wait for some sunshine, and look forward to meeting everyone!




More than happy to follow Ruth's suggestion of meeting up at LHR!  Prob easiest to meet somewhere once through passport control etc as we will all get there at different times!  How about meeting at Starbucks about 9?? 

that sounds a plan Caroline - I will put a photo up and look out for you!

margaret clarke

Hi All

Good idea to meet up - I'll be there!  I'm travelling by train from Kendal on Friday and staying at a hotel near Heathrow overnight.

Weather in Hanoi was 40 degrees a couple of weeks ago but now the forecast is showing 21 degrees for the end of this week which is much more tolerable.

Nearly ready to go!


Hi all, 

I'm game for meeting up at 9. I get to Heathrow about 6.45 I think - getting a coach from Cardiff at 3.45am!!

As for the weather.. the hotter the better.



Good plan to meet at H'row - look forward to seeing you all...I'm going to try to check in online the day before to save time. My mates who've just come back said it was v hot, a little humid, hardly any rain - all the hotels were fine, too much food (sit down meals at lunch AND dinner), excellent guide (though we'll be having someone else)  - an action packed trip! They sugested about £300/400 spending money and said their guide had told them you don't really need anti malaria stuff...they recommended a small day back pack as well as a larger rucksack (for over night on boats etc), can't think of anything esle particularly significant.

one more day of work!! better start packing...

Very much looking forward to meeting you all - I think I will be clutching my Vietnam guidebook when I get to Starbucks, not knowing how long check in will take, so if you see a lost looking, straight brown haired in glasses girl thats me! ( I did try uploading a photo, but it didn't work)


That can be our signal, instead of all carrying a red rose in our left hands or something equally as random, just clutch onto whichever Vietnam guide book you have so we know who each other is!!

Can't wait to the trip, look forward to meeting you all on Saturday!



Hi Guys

Hopefully i will see you at Starbucks at 9am - i'll have my guide book at hand.

 See you then.


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