Vietnam Adventure (3 July Departure)

Greetings! We are looking forward to our trip to Vietnam and would like to hear from anybody else who is going. We are arriving a couple of days early in hanoi and then going to Angkor Wat at the end (although not on the Exodus add-on). Anybody else out there going on this trip?

Kurt and Sheila 


hello there me and my better half are going on this trip. it's our first trip with exodus. and it will also be our honeymoon. so were dead excited about going on an adventure as a married couple.

paul and vikki

Congratulations! We hope you'll have a great time on your honeymoon! We went to Malaysia and Singapore for our honeymoon and had such a great time that we wanted to return to the region. We recently got our visas - a relatively quick turnaround from the Embassy - we received the passports back about 9 days after the Embassy received them. Off to the travel clinic in a couple of weeks to see if any jabs need updating - and how much Malarone we'll need for the mosquitos. Just 2 months to go! Anybody else out there on this trip? According to the website there are 6 space left - so that should mean 10 on the trip so far.

 Kurt and Sheila


P.S. Sorry for not responding sooner. We are supposed to received automatic notification of responses to postings but that does not seem to be working... 

Thought we'd try again to see if any fellow trip members are out there. The trip appears to be full now. By the the way, if you didn't see the Top Gear Vietnam special on Sunday on BBC 2, you should try to check it out. Not something we usually watch, but very, very funny. Gives a few small glimpses of our destination. See you in three weeks!


Kurt and Sheila 

Hi Kurt and Sheila

I went on this trip end of march i was so impressed i am doing it this time with my two offspring (dont worry they are adults).As for top gear in Siagon you will go where they are given the money and to the museum,so this makes seven of us in contact.I wont say anymore about the trip but let you discover it for yourselves,have a good look round Hanoi as on the trip we have little free time there.

see you soon Trevor


hello to all.

trev you must of really enjoyed it to be going back again so soon.  i have been told our chip and pin cards from uk dont work over there do you know if this is true. and how much do you recomend taking with us to spend.

speak and see you soon from paul and vikki

Hi Paul /vikki

Iwent on my own and took £300 worth of $ at Hanoi Airport we changed $100 and became Dong millionaires,over the holiday i changed some more but still had a few $ left most meals are under £4 and hotel breakfasts are good.As for going back so soon you are doing the right thing going now as when we pass through Da Nang you will see the development somehow its just not right.Chip and Pin if you read Anne Maries review it looks like she was using her card ok That was the trip i was on and there were only two couples and one of those were on their honeymoon and they had a great time even with singles of various ages.Last thing my mobile would only recieve not make calls and one or two of the others had problems but most worked ok.TIP dont have no Dong left on the last day as no one wants to change it back


Hi everyone and congrats in particular to the honeymooners!  I'm going on this trip too and really looking forward to it as it's my first trip to Asia.  I'm so excited I've pretty much packed already (I kid you not...)!  No doubt I've pack all the wrong kind of gear though, despite having read and re-read the trip notes a zillion times.  Not entirely sure what to expect, but I've certainly seen some beautiful photographs of a friend's trip to Vietnam a few years back which, I hope,  are a good indicator of what the trip might be like.

I look forward to meeting you all in a few weeks,



ive booked onto this trip. I am going solo as they say and it will be my first trip to Asia. Very much looking forward to it. Just bought all the bits and bobs and raring to go. I am oign on the 14 day trip only9frustratingly) but given the heat and humidty I'm sure that will suffice for my first trip to that part of the world.





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