Vietnam Adventure

Hi - anyone out there going on this trip?  I'm unsure whether to take Malaria tablets or not.  My doctor says not to, but just wondering what everyone else thinks?



I am joining in Vietnam from Canada. My doctor also said malaria tablets were not needed for the areas we are going to.

I hope there's more than just 2 of us :)



I'm going on this trip so that makes 3 of us! Flying out from Heathrow on the 2nd :-) 

I was advised to take malaria tablets, couldn't believe how expensive they were!

Anyone else meeting at Heathrow for the flight out?






I keep getting told different things about Malaria tablets.  My doctor told me not to bother, and other friends who are going aren't taking it..... I've got plenty of spray though!  I'm going from Heathrow, so perhaps see you at check in.  Jane

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