Vietnam Adventure!

Hello, anyone out there booked on the Vietnam Adventure holiday departing on the 30th March - 13th April? If so get in touch, this will be my third trip with Exodus and I'm very excited about this one! I was wondering whether to take a 60 litre backpack or suitcase and is anyone planning on taking malaria tablets?



I'm on the AOX indochina trip and I leave for Vietnam on the same day as you, i wonder if my trip will coincide with yours for a few days

Hi Elizabeth,  my husband Terry and I are booked on the 30th March trip for Vietnam. We have never been with Exodus before and are getting very excited now.  We went to get a prescription for malaria tablets last week and got zapped with three needles! Apart from the usual recommendations, apparently there is a flu epedemic in Hanoi. We decided to take suitcases so we can bring back local goods but are taking small overnight bags as hand luggage. 

Look forward to meeting you. Anne





Hi Anne and Terry! Glad to hear you're excited too, there's been a lot in the press recently raving about Vietnam as a must-see travel destination, so I can't wait to get to Hanoi now! My doctor said I wouldn't need Malaria pills for this trip but recommended I deet up with the tropical strength 50% lotion. Having used it before in Thailand I thoroughly recommend buying some deet for this trip too (you can buy it in most large stores of Boots). As long as it's not bird flu that's ok!!! Good thinking on the suitcases, quite a few of my friends who have been, had clothes tailor made in Hoi An so extra luggage space is a good idea.

Good to hear from you,


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