Vietnam Adventure - Departing 31 July

Hello.  Are there any fellow travellers booked onto this trip out there?  Is anyone else doing the Angkor Wat extension?  This window won't allow me to put 31 July as a deparature date as it isn't in the list!


Hey, good to hear from you Karen. Looking forward to our trip it will be amazing. I didn't decide to do the extension, which I am sure i will kick myself over it! Only a few weeks left. All the best. John

Hello John.  The trip must now be full as it's no longer on the list so I wonder who else is going?  I am looking foward to the trip and have already begun reading my guide book in anticipation!!  I need to sort my visa out next. 


Yes i think i was one of the last people to book on this trip. I think i will look into getting my visa over the next few weeks. I don't think it is a hard process but we shall see! I think i need to do a bit more reading. Hope all is going well.

I got my visa no problem direct from the Embassy. 


Hi Karen and John,

I'm on this trip too.  So excited!  I'm just in the process of getting my Visa and thinking about jabs.  Karen, I'm doing the Angkor Wat extension too - great to meet you both.



Hi Helen. 

Good to hear from someone else going on the trip.  Glad I'm not the only one going on the Angkor Wat extension - when I first booked I was told that I was the only one!  Have now started to think about what I might need to take and what to pack it all in.  Need to sort my jabs out too. 



Jackie and Keith are on this trip. We can see Karen, John and Helen so far but I'm sure it's fully booked so there should be another ten somewhere, at least. We've had our passports/visas returned in the post today - no problems except for the fact they're asking for the postage money even though my cheque covered it. The reviews from previous trips look good so we're looking forward to it. See you all soon. K & J  

Hi all, We are coming on the trip too, thats Cathryn, Jim, Bex, Jamie and Gareth.  We got our visas directly from the embassy but wondering about what kind of bag to bring? ?? Rucksacks ??  Not doing the extension as couldnt get the extra time off work but jealous of those who are !

Hello all.  Can't believe there's only a few weeks to go before our trip.  Beginning to wonder now if I've got everything I need.  Not sure what to expect with the weather.  Is everyone travelling on the group flight from Heathrow?  Not sure yet what bag I'm taking Cathryn, it'll either be a rucksack or a holdall on wheels.  See you all soon.


Hey, good to hear how everyone is getting on. Looking forward to it can't beleive that we are going soon. I think i'm going to take a bag holdall  thing becuase i end up having to empty everything out of my rucksack to get what I need, which always happens to be at the bottom!! Not too sure on the weather situation. I am going on the group flight which I think leaves at midday on the 31st. Take care. John

Thinking about it - you are right about the ruckscac and everything being at the bottom !  I think bag on wheels is the way we will go.  Just looked at the weather - it seems to be very hot and humid and stormy rain - so next project is rain jacket !!! Excited mind you - and yes we traveling from heathrow



Hi all,  I can't believe it's so soon until we go too!  I'm travelling on the group flight from Heathrow as well.  I was going to take a rucksack, but now you've made me think!  I guess we're packing for hot and wet weather wise - I always end up with too much - making a definite effort to downsize this time.  Is everyone taking mosquito nets - it's been recommended to me, but I'm not sure of best make etc - any suggestions?  Looking forward to meeting you all soon.

We are going for the " bags on wheels" - I turfed them out of the loft yesterday and sewed up the holes, but I am sure a ruck sac is fine ! Didnt think about mosquito nets - often Exodus would let you know if they advised them and didnt supply them but worth asking them. They do say to bring sleeping bag liners though and yesterday I ordered 5 breathable Berghaus ponchos from the internet !  They fold away into a small bag and I though we would look rediculous but be drier than just a jacket - esp on a bike ride! I havnt told Jim my husband yet, I will just sneak them in and he will be forced to wear it when he gets there . lol Cathryn


Ooh great idea.  Ponchos is the way to go I think - and definitely a good idea with cycling in mind.  Good luck with the secret packing!  ;-)

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