Vietnam Adventure July - are you on the Thai flight?

I'm going on the Vietnam adventure departing 25th July, but am not on the group flight as this was full but am on the Thai flight that gets in earlier in the day from the rest of the group.  I know there are 2 others on this flight, and am hoping to get in contact so we can go to the hotel together on arrival.  Are you one of them?!



Hi Sarah,

We're not on the Thai flight but I thought I'd say Hi anyway.

Is your arrival too early to wait for the rest? I hope that the others get in touch.

See you in Hanoi.



Thanks for your mail Nick.  I get into Hanoi 4 hours before the group flight so it makes more sense to find my own way to the hotel.  Hoping to get in touch with the other 2!  See you in Hanoi.

Yes I am on the same flight as you - Exodus contacted me to suggest contacting you.

I emailed you on July 8th, but haven't received a reply yet.

 Let me know your plans.




I'm on the group flight, but just thought I'd say hello anyways.

Randomly, as I type this, "Rambo: First Blood Part 2" has just started on ITV4 so that's really starting to get me in the mood for 'Nam!

Look forward to meeting you.




Hi Jon,

I didn't get your email so thanks for getting in touch this way.  Can you try again @ [email protected]?




We are on the group flight - looking forward to meeting you all in Hanoi.  Just got our tickets and can't wait.

Kevin and Jacki


Rick Stein @ 8pm on Thursday next week BBC2 is in Vietnam.


Hi Jon,

Just wanted to check you've got the right email address for me as it's still not come through.  The one on my previous post is the right one.  Let me know if it makes sense to meet at Heathrow or at least at Hanoi as it makes sense to make our way to the hotel together.


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