Vietnam in August

Hi I am travelling as part of a group for the first time this year and was just wondering who else is on this trip. Looks like there at least 6 of us as the trip is now showing as guaranteed.

Hi ,

I'm also on this if youmean the August one.


Yes I mean the August one I fly out on the 5th. How about you are going out with Exodus arranged flights or joining in Hanoi?


Hi, I'm going on this trip flying out on the 5th and really looking forward to it - 2 weeks to go!  It's the first time I've travelled as part of a group & I was person number 7 who booked.  What's everyone looking forward to the most?


I am so looking forward to the whole thing I am finding hard to pick just one. What about you?


I'm the same, it's about the whole experience - including good food with a cold beer.


is everyone flying from Heathrow?

Cold beer sounds good as it will be rather warm out there!

I think cruising round Halong Bay will be great but generally loking forward to it all :-)


I am flying from Heathrow. Though i don t want to wish the trip away Ankor Watt is sounding amazing. I am a bit nervous about the cooking as my family think I am dangerous in a kitchen Definately not much of a cook :)

Starting to get very excited



I'm on the final countdown, can't quite believe it's nearly here - it's going to be amazing.

Heading out of Heathrow very soon.


See you Sunday


Hi all,

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. 

My husband and I have just returned from a great holiday doing the Inca trail and are now thinking about next year's holiday. We are keen to do the Classic Vietnam and Angkor. Can someone please let us know the name of the hotels you stayed in and your opinion of them. We've been on many Exodus holidays but never a Premium which I gather has slightly better accommodation.

Thanks very much. 

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