Visa for Tanzania

Im doing the Kilimanjaro trip in July and Im a bit confused about the Visa.  Can anyone advise if its best to get it in advance or is it fine to sort it on arrival?  It lists both as options in the travel advice for the trip. 

If someone has bought it on arrival and had no issues, I'd be pleased to hear from you to put my mind at ease.

 Thank you.


Hi, done kili in oct 2009, got my visa before i left however 3 members of the group got their visas at kilimanjaro airport and they actually got through security and customs before the rest of the group. It cost them $50 and was definately hassle free. hope this helps and have a great trip


Hi, Thanks very much for your message - I think I will get it on arrival as its also cheaper than doing it in advance by the looks of things.

Any other top tips for the trip?  Im a bit new to all of this!!  Im doing the Lemosho route which is the longer one, but hopefully better aclimitization.



Hi Lotty

I climbed Kili via Lemosho last year with a different company.

Just drop me a note if you would like any info, i'd be only happy to help.





Hi Lottie

 I did the Lemosho route in Feb/March, all 12 of us made it to the top, which is apparantly a first for that route (I think they've only run it since Jan 10).  You'll have an amazing time

In terms of advice, the best bit I can give you is to get the Henry Steadman book which is recommended at the end of the Exodus trip notes (it's about £8 on Amazon).  Other than that, take these 3 things


Loo roll (the porters carry some, but if everyone gets ill they can run out)

Light waterproofs (the weather is very changeable, but it tends to rain quite heavily in the afternoon, but it's still warm, so you don't want lined waterproofs).

Visas - I & most other people in our group got it at Kili airport, $50 and totally hassle free, it's a small airport so queues are minimal

 Have fun 

Matt Pillinger


HI Matt

Thank you for the top tips and the note about the book, I have ordered a copy for myself so hopefully I will find that useful.

I've convinced myself on the visa front now as well, I've heard from a few sources that it works fine buying it on arrival so Im going to do that.  Thank you for confirming though!



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