waht to take

Sorry it's one of those again but some advice for the delhi / katmandhu in november trip would be really welcome. What to take really? Am I right in thinking the weather could be fairly war / hot - fairly cool? and are walking shoes a wise idea?


Thanks in anticipation 


 Please note that in November, around Northern India/Nepal  daytime temperature are pleasant with cooler evenings .

The temperature will be in the high teens during day and about 5 to 10 degrees in the evening in Rajasthan, dipping slightly once you are in the valley of Kathmandu and Pokhara when you are closer to the mountains. You might want to pack a warm jacket for some outdoor activities done early in the mornings like the jungle safaris in Chitwan and Ranthanbore as well as for sunrise trip in Pokhara. Do take comfortable walking shoes as you will need to be out and about at some places like going to the ghats in Varanasi,jungle walks at some of the parks. Have a great trip..

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