Walking The Amalfi Coast 5-12th Oct

Hello, I have booked this trip and it's my first holiday on my own so am feeling a little anxious!!! Anyone else booked yet? Would love to hear from you



Hi Jane

I'm going on this holiday on my own too!   its a present to myself for my 50th birthday !

Hurrah !!

Don't be anxious - my last Exodus holiday was 10 years ago to Macchu Picchu ( a 40th birthday present to myself) and we all got on like a house on fire !!

I've only just signed up to the community forum and haven't much time right now but you can see my website on there ( I make costumes).

Looking forward to meeting you.


Excellent, I wonder if we will be sharing then!! I think I will be fine, I don't usually have a problem getting on with people!! I am getting very excited about the trip!

I did Macchu Picchu in 2008 but this is my first trip with Exodus

Looking forward to meeting you too




Hi Jane

I pushed the boat out and paid for a single room.  I don't think there's anything wrong with me its just a treat !

I'll download a photo now.

Which airport are you flying from?


I was brave and said I would share!! I did request a tall, dark handsome man but I think that is wishful thinking on my part!! I will be taking ear plugs though!!

I live in Hastings and am flying from Gatwick, what about you?


Hi Jane and Rachel
Looks like this trip might be single ladies so far!! I too am traveling on my own and like you Rachel a birthday present to myself. I am traveling from heathrow to Milan and then change for Naples so I guess we will all meet at Naples. Really looking forward to this holiday the Amalfi coast has been on my wish list for some time just hope the weather is kind

As there are now three of us on our own, I am feeling more confident by the day!! It really isn't long to go and am getting very excited! You didn't say what your name is but I hope you have a safe flight and see you in Naples. Are either of your birthdays while we are there?


Hi, yes sorry it would help!! My name is Carol, origionally from Shropshire but have lived and worked in Gibraltar for more years than i care to remember. My birthday was a few weeks ago, 53 now and about to start walking holidays!!! It will be my first and I'm hoping I will be able to keep up. I am generally fit and do walk everywhere its just the mention of 20000 steps down to Amalfi !!!!!!! Really looking forward to it however, have a feeling it's going to be amazing.


I'm flying from Heathrow and change at Milan for Naples so I will look out for you Carol !  and hopefully bump into you Jane on the way to Naples.

My birthday is on Sept 25th so doesn't exactly coincide with the trip but I hope I will have a post 50th glow about me !!

Sooo looking forward to the holiday and meeting you both.

I have new walking boots to break in so will have to get a few treks in before I leave !

Bye for now. 


I have yet to buy mine!!!! and then i need to break them in! I will have to do some serious walking in the next couple of weeks and take a bag full of plasters just in case. I'm getting excited now, it's so good to chat online before we actually meet and I am sure we will all be firm friends before we even reach our destination. I will be looking for you at heathrow Rachel.

Speak soon

Hi Rachel Carol and Jane

We will bring the total up to 7 so far in the Departure Lounge. Karina and I and our two friends Christine and Steve are on the trip. We are flying out Easyjet from Stansted on the Saturday afternoon so should be at Bomerano by 21.00ish. So see you all then. Really looking forward to it

We have a nice little gathering here now! I booked this trip back in January and am very excited now that it it is only just over two weeks away!! I am looking forward to meeting you all either at Naples airport or Bomerano, my flight is 0845 so could be by the pool in the afternoon....fingers crossed!


Hello to Christine, Steve, Karina and ?

My flight leaves at 7.25am from Heathrow.


I've booked a pod at the Yotel in the airport for the night before so I only have to roll out of bed in the morning !

If I don't bump into you at the airport(s) Jane and Carol I'll see you by the pool !!

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Off to walk in those new boots now !



I am on the same flight, I have booked a hotel nearby so hopefully see you at the check in desk !!!


Hi Carol

OK I'll look out for you at check in ! 

Hi Yes forgot to sign off last time - very remiss - its Peter travelling with Karina, Steve and Christine.

Do we assume there are only 7 of us in total or has everyone else not discovered 'departure lounge' yet!

We are having a rather hectic pre holiday week as we had trouble getting our dog booked in with 'Barking Mad' our dog carers - thankfully all now sorted- and currently having the windows in our house painted - why do painters always leave it till the last possible moment before you are going on holiday!

Karina out buying boots yesterday so nearly ready! - looking forward to seeing you all  at the poolside next Saturday!


I did contact Exodus a couple of months ago and there were 13 or 14 on the trip then! I am desperately trying to get rid of cough and cold and am feeling a bit sorry for whoever I am sharing with, they might need to bring some ear plugs! Looking forward to meeting everyone and enjoying our adventure




Hello fellow travellers

Our names are Loch and Sarah.  We are very much looking forward to the trip. We are on the group flight leaving Gatwick on Saturday at 8.45. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Hi Loch and Sarah, I am on the same flight as you so will look out for you at Gatwick




So here's a thing - I had an Italian family stay in my flat a couple of months ago who live near Amalfi.  Turns out their friend Roberto will be our guide to take us over Mt Vesuvius !

Nice to hear from you Loch and Sarah and glad we can now put a name to the er.......name, Peter !  Glad you got your dog accommodation sorted.

New boots are now broken in.

Getting excited but also stressed about packing !  

It is a very small world! Glad to hear that I am not the only one stressing about packing!!


Hi Jane - hope you are winning with your cough !  We have 23kg in the hold and 8kg to take on board - I rang Exodus today to check !  So maybe I can pack the walking boots and not have to wear them to travel.

Well done you! I was going to check with them as I think I saw 20kg written somewhere!! I think I will travel in mine then at least if, (worse case scenario) my luggage goes astray, I do at least have them!! No clothes just boots...... interesting but not attractive!! I hope the weather is kind to us!!!


The forecast is a bit rainy but I'm sure it won't be the stuff we have to endure in the UK !  

Anyway - best pack the waterproofs !

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