WALKING IN THE FRENCH PYRENEES June 23rd to June 30th 2013

Hello to the two Richards, Mike, Peter, Pam, Kristen, Liz, Jackie, Debbie, Helen, Clare, Hannah and Jess. I hope everyone has reached home safely. I want to say how much I enjoyed meeting you all, and being on holiday with you. The walking, the senery, the evenings in the hotel are things I won't forget. Oh, and the quiz as well! And the singing! And the meal in town!

Unfortunately I have  not as yet heard from EXODUS regarding everyone's e-mail addresses, so until that happens I cannot send any photographs. If anyone has recieved these e-mail addresses, please pass them on to me at

[email protected]

Sometime over the next week or so I will post some photos on the Exodus site. I will send various pictures to you all when I have some e-mail addresses, soon I hope. 

Look forward to hearing from some of you at least!! 



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