Walking the Great Wall?

Hey, anyone out there doing the TCW - Walking the Great Wall China trip in September? I have just booked myself and hubby Andy (33 and 40 respectively but young at heart!) onto the 17 September departure (including Xian extension). If you doing the walk at the same time as us (or if you have done it and have any tips) would love to hear from you. Last adventure we did was the Inca trail 4 years ago which was superb fun so really looking forward to this one. It's a surprise for hubby - he turns 40 on 5 August and am planning on breaking the new via Fortune Cookie on the his birthday. Question is, will I be able to keep my mouth shut until then!? Look forward to hearing from anyone who has done / is doing the trip...

Noticed the trip looks like it is fully booked now. Anyone here on the forum signed up for it?



If your going on the 23rd Sept i will be joining you!Im a single girlie and just looking forward to going on a holiday where I can meet new people, see some amazing sights and have some fun.  im really looking forward to it now ... after the stresses of getting the chinese visa! hope the weather holds out for us !

 See you there 

Hi Louise, nice to hear from a fellower traveller! Not long to go now...am getting very excited. Noticed you'd been to China before - got any tips of stuff to take?

Got our visas too, and was pleasantly surprised to see they are just a stick on page in your passport - no extra bits to lose! I'm endlessly checking purses, pokets and bags to check I've not forgotten or lost keys, purse etc., so at least that's one thing not to lose! I'm wondering what the walking will be like. I'm not as fit as I hoped to be as I tweaked my knee and haven't been able to exercise as much as I'd hoped. Maybe I'll be bringing up the rear! Claire

Found you all on here and you went ages ago... Any tips please.?

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