Walking the Great Wall April 2012

Just like to thank everyone for being such good companions, I really enjoyed the holiday, that is to Robert and Sue, Michael and Allison, Brenda and Sue, Hannah and Nicole, Jiri, Jim, and Pete and Alex. Last but definitely not least Kevin!

If anyone wants some photos, I've got one of Michael, Alison, Brenda and Sue on Jinshanling just before the sunset, also other informal pics plus short video clips. Let me know!

Brenda and Sue, thanks for taking me to the Temple of Heaven on the last day, really enjoyed it.

Thanks also to Jim for being such a good roommate! 


HI everyone in the UK and US and Canada. We also had a fantastic time and have some wonderful memories and photos.

Hope everyone is better now and enjoying their old routines.

thanks to Kevin for a great experience. Don't forget to vote for him at http://www.exodus.co.uk/leaderawards

Robert and Sue


Just voted for Kevin. Hope he wins, cannot see how anyone could be better. Has anyone recieved the e-mail he was going to send, with all the contact details? I haven't yet, so if anyone has please send it on to me at [email protected]. I have a photo for Stephen/Allison/Brenda/Sue I would like to pass on, I think one of them has one of me I would like...also want to keep in touch with Jim, Jiri.

Pete, I might take up your offer about the photos... do the same for you, although my pictures are naff!

Bank holiday today, really enjoyed the rain!! 



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