Walking in Tuscany


I have just booked this trip. Would be good to hear from anyone else going.




John - poor you!  Do hope you finish Saturday and not 5 a.m. Sunday!

See you all Sunday!






Oh dear John - that sounds stressful!!  Good luck!



Hi John, Rachel, Kath, Sheila, Geri, Jackie, Stella, Rosie, hope I've got the names right! Thought I'd say hello, I'm on the 17th departure. It's my first Exodus trip like most of you and I'm getting excited about it now, 6 days and counting. Sorry to be another John! Any idea what the weather may be like? I'm wondering what clothes to wear on the walks. Hot cold, wet, windy, too many variations and I don't want to carry more than necessary. Any clothing tips?  I'm sure it will be chilly in the evenings. Looking forward to meeting you all, John.

See you all at Pisa airport when you arrive from London. I'm joining the bus trip to the countryside, so will meet you then.  Apparently Spring has well and truly sprung in Italy, so hopefully we're in for some lovely weather. Look forward to meeting you all.



Hello all, very excited now! Will see you at G.R. at 7.30am.



Hi John,

Welcome to the trip!  As you've probably seen, those of us travelling from Heathrow are planning to meet up outside Gordan Ramsey's restaurant at 7:30 on Sunday, so hopefully see you there.  I'm having the same dilemma about clothes, I reckon lots of layers is the way to go to cover all eventualities!

 Look forward to meeting you, and everyone else in a couple of days!


H!i all - I'm thinking lots of layers too.  Not sure what the evening dress code is though!

See you all at T5 7.30am!

Shelia and Geri - I'm staying at the Hilton to, not sure what time I will arrive though

Looking forward to meeting you all.  For all of you staying at the Hilton, the plan is for me and Sheila to meet in the bar at 7.30 - if you arrive between 7.30-9.00 p.m. you'll hopefully track us down there! 

Layers is definitely what I plan on doing...



Hi Rachel and Jackie,

Yes I saw the plan to meet at 7.30 outside Gordon Ramsey's Term 5.  I'll try and catch you all there, otherwise in departures. Layers is a good idea Jackie. I think the dress code for the evenings will be informal, well I will be! Jeans etc no doubt. Hoping for some sunshine to brown the knees! 

Looking forward to meeting everyone, packing started, better do some more! John.



Hi John 

Look forward to meeting you too.  At least we've all seen a photo of you so we should be able to find you in Departures if you're not outside Ramsay's!





Hi Sheila,

Yes I hope you recognse me. Look for the tall slim guy with a small blue rucksack! John.

You're the only one we will recognise John :-)



the only one you will recognise on Sunday! Just working out my route to T5. It's not too far for me but an early start so don't expect a wide awake smiley face though I shall try. :)

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