Walking in Tuscany - TDT

Any fellow travellers out there?


Hi just wanted to let you know that there are more of us out there. i am Rita. I will be traavelling with my husband Martin, sister maria and friend Lesley. We are new to this type of holiday. Maria has walked in France and my husband is fit but Lesley and I are a little worried. Hope you are not all super athletic walkers. We are not even sure what the best footwear is. We have walking boots but but not sure if they are mor suitable to trekking. I have assumed that this is more of a gentle walk for only a max of 4 hours per day. What ever I am still really excited. I have been told that this is a beatiful part of the world. Might also indulge in the local wine. Well it would be rude not to!  


P.S. Should have proof read. Terrible spelling and grammar. Must be the excitement.

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