Hi, I'm wondering what type of water bottle would be best and what kind of water purification tablets to take that do not make it taste awful. What would you recommend?



When I did Everest Base Camp, I used a normal Sigg bottle, bottles of water were available at the tea houses to buy, and I did not bother with any water purification, if you are staying in tea houses I'm sure you will be fine. Some people did take a platypus drinks bag with drinking tube, but found that the water in the tube froze and they couldn't get a drink on the move, you can get neoprene covers but I don't know how effective they are.

I went about the same time as you are going and the weather was very good, clear days, but very cold nights, be warned that your drink bottle may freeze in the teahouse at night, especially at the higher altitudes, if you want a glug during the night try and keep it warm.

Enjoy your trip you will not be disappointed, it's a fantastic country and the flight into Lukla cannot be described, if you want the full experience of landing, try and get the front middle seat behind the pilots, beats any roller coaster around.



 Two of us are onthe same trip as you on Nov 8th. Look forward to meeting you.

One of my friend who did Nepal said having an Aluminim bottle was best.  He got it filled each night in the Tea house with Hot water.   Then used it as a hot water bottle in the sleeping bag.   Helped keep the cold at bay.

We are using UV water purifiers on the trip as well as a backup of Iodine tablets ( not available in the EU any more so need to buy them there)


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