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Hey im due to go on the Inca trail in august. i just wondered would water bladders ie platypus or camel back be any good im taking sigg bottles with but i just wondered any comments advice would be appreciated thanks 




we did this trip a few years ago.  i took a camelbak, one of the smaller ones.  the porters would boil water at lunch time and in the evenings to top it up.  I did invariably run out towards the end of most days as I did get very thirsty, maybe due to the altitude I'm not sure.  I think I would  take a larger one if i did it again, or maybe a sig to to top up.  its a balance between not wanting to carry too much weight for those long uphill stretches!  i was lucky that my husband (who is a lot fitter than me!) carried our day pack, so I only had the camelbak.  He had a platypus in his pack, which is great as they are completely flat and light weight so if you don't need them on the rest of the trip they don't take up any space.

enjoy!  its fabulous.  the food was amazing, although i completely lost my appetite (again due to altitude I think, plus i picked up a tummy bug in Cusco!) so I didn't really eat anything until the last day of the trek.  which made it harder! But so worth it! 



thanks for the reply, 

ive got a platy 2ltr already being a gear hoarder lol. 

but im taking my sigg bottle too.  


I don't care for platypusses....platipi?? Had one fail on Kilimanjaro some years back (the neck split)  so have stuck with siggs ever since.

I understand that the hoses tend to freeze at altitude. Probably not a problem on the IT

Have a good time.



IMHO having done a few endurance events as well ar trekking, Platypus or any other make of hydration system is far better than water bottles.  You tend to drink smaller amounts more often as you do not have to reach back to remove/replace the drinking . This is particularly beneficial at altitude.

However, be careful when the water is purified by boiling as there is a risk of the bladder splitting along the seam.  The guides are usually amenable enough to let you wait until the water has cooled before filling the bladder, then you will have no problems.

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