We are not alone, are we?

Is anybody else on this trip? My fiancée and I are on this trip, we shall be arriving on the 16th and getting married in Sigiriya on the 20th, so this is our honeymoon.

 Ian & Angela 


Hi, congratulations on the impending nuptials, same me some shampoo for when I arrive on th 21st. 



Hi,i'll be there to,just returned from cycling Vietnam 01/12/2013,had a great time.Looking forward to this one.see you there,not long now.



Fantastic way to spend a honeymoon !

I will be coming from Melbourne a few days early and meeting the London flight @ Colombo airport (hopefully). Looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing a great trip, Xmas and NYE together.

Can't wait.

Cheers Brian


Our friends thought we were mad to book this for our honeymoon, but we can't wait!

We arrive into Colombo airport on the 22nd. Really looking forward to meeting you all.


We are here already planning the final details of our wedding on Friday. Trying to decide if we want an elephant as best man!


I wanted to fly out a few days early as well, but the prices were prohibitive when I eventually booked.

Is it a white elephant?


Still undecided about elephant. Doesn't seem to do much at the wedding!! Been on a couple of rides. Dogs and children seem to be docile in the heat of the day. A couple of lizards taking time to get across the road were the liveliest things encountered. Suburb place to be. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Angela


Hi folks, Hope you're all well, home, recovered and not too cold over there!!!

Wondering if anyone got Simon's Email contact details, he wasn't on THE list??

If so please could you forward it to me @ [email protected] - Thanks

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